Plague Ship

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.4 stars; 453 reviews)

Lured by its exotic gems, the space trader Solar Queen lands on the little-known planet of Sargol, only to find the ruthless Inter-Solar Company there ahead of them. Adapting quickly to the culture of Sargol’s feline inhabitants, the crew of the Queen beat out their rivals and successfully make a deal with the natives. But soon after takeoff, the Queen’s crew is stricken with a plague, and they are now banned from landing on any inhabited planet. Will the Queen’s crew save themselves, or be condemned to drift forever through space? (Summary by Mark Nelson)

(7 hr 4 min)


01 Perfumed Planet 28:18 Read by Mark Nelson
02 Rivals 25:51 Read by Mark Nelson
03 Contact at Last 24:44 Read by Mark Nelson
04 Gorp Hunt 22:55 Read by Mark Nelson
05 The Perilous Seas 22:52 Read by Mark Nelson
06 Duellist's Challenge 23:32 Read by Mark Nelson
07 Barring Accident 23:35 Read by Mark Nelson
08 Headaches 23:47 Read by Mark Nelson
09 Plague! 23:04 Read by Mark Nelson
10 E Stat Landing 23:30 Read by Mark Nelson
11 Desparate Measures 23:24 Read by Mark Nelson
12 Strange Behavior of a Hoobat 23:31 Read by Mark Nelson
13 Off the Map 22:34 Read by Mark Nelson
14 Special Mission 23:27 Read by Mark Nelson
15 Medic Hovan Reports 22:51 Read by Mark Nelson
16 The Battle of the Video 21:10 Read by Mark Nelson
17 In Custody 23:03 Read by Mark Nelson
18 Bargain Concluded 22:43 Read by Mark Nelson



(4 stars)

Plague Ship is a fun bit of light science fiction, although the science part is not really up to scratch, and doesn't stand a close inspection. However, the story is enjoyable enough to see through that, and enjoy the story anyhow. Mark Nelson is a superb reader, to the degree that I have started seeking out what he has read!

Plague ship.

(4 stars)

A good simple story with plenty of imagination and interesting creatures, plus some good twists.

Reader is great. stick with the story and it does psy ofg

(4 stars)

No female characters

(3 stars)

Actually it was an enjoyable albeit boyish story, economics and action, alien landscapes and creatures abound. but very little character depth or diversity, the only mention of females is of how the alien females were absent!


(4 stars)

A good, if gentle, sci fi story with interesting characters and a plot that, if a little heavy on trading minutae, travels along at a good pace. Very well narrated too, as ever from Mr Nelson

One of the Best SciFi Novel's Ever Written

(5 stars)

This classic scifi is without one of the best ever written. This brilliant novel was written in the story and even the science is still relevant and while entertaining.


(5 stars)

After listening to this book I promply picked up the book for a second read. Lots of great phrases that enrich the story. If you don't like it, then get off my tail fins!

Entertaining, but lacking

(3 stars)

The first 2 chapters are nothing short of dull, then things pick up. It's a good story, but lacks real suspense and believable jeopardy. Well read, in an unrushed, precise style.