The Sword of Damocles

Read by Mary Bard

(4.5 stars; 76 reviews)

Anna Katharine Green is best known as one of the first women detective writers, and The Sword of Damocles, first published in 1881, does indeed include several mysteries. There is a very brief appearance by her famous detective, Mr Gryce, but at the heart of the book, which is subtitled A Story of New York Life, are a number of very different love stories. (Summary by Mary Bard) (16 hr 39 min)


A Wanderer 4:27 Read by Mary Bard
A Discussion 13:13 Read by Mary Bard
A Mysterious Summons 22:44 Read by Mary Bard
Searchings 24:22 Read by Mary Bard
The Rubicon 27:10 Read by Mary Bard
A Hand Clasp 4:38 Read by Mary Bard
Mrs. Sylvester 16:42 Read by Mary Bard
Shadows of the Past 16:46 Read by Mary Bard
Paula 29:26 Read by Mary Bard
The Barred Door 16:30 Read by Mary Bard
Miss Stuyvesant 23:20 Read by Mary Bard
Miss Belinda Makes Conditions 24:21 Read by Mary Bard
The End of My Lady's Picture 28:35 Read by Mary Bard
Miss Belinda has a Question to Decide 34:46 Read by Mary Bard
An Adventure - or Something More 19:46 Read by Mary Bard
The Sword of Damocles 28:52 Read by Mary Bard
Grave and Gay 26:41 Read by Mary Bard
In the Night Watches 8:00 Read by Mary Bard
A Day at the Bank 15:00 Read by Mary Bard
The Dregs in the Cup 20:13 Read by Mary Bard
Departure 21:23 Read by Mary Bard
Hopgood 23:54 Read by Mary Bard
The Poem 23:18 Read by Mary Bard
The Japha Mansion 24:29 Read by Mary Bard
Jacqueline 25:53 Read by Mary Bard
A Man's Justice and a Woman's Mercy 31:31 Read by Mary Bard
The Lone Watcher 14:18 Read by Mary Bard
Sunshine on the Hills 28:52 Read by Mary Bard
Mist in the Valley 4:39 Read by Mary Bard
Miss Belinda Presents Mr. Sylvester with a Christmas Gift 19:45 Read by Mary Bard
A Question 12:58 Read by Mary Bard
Full Tide 31:03 Read by Mary Bard
Two Letters 23:55 Read by Mary Bard
Paula Makes her Choice 24:23 Read by Mary Bard
The Falling of the Sword 35:54 Read by Mary Bard
Morning 11:39 Read by Mary Bard
The Opinion of a Certain Noted Detective 41:05 Read by Mary Bard
Bluebeard's Chamber 9:55 Read by Mary Bard
From A. to Z 1:03:48 Read by Mary Bard
Half-past Seven 3:56 Read by Mary Bard
The Work of an Hour 38:01 Read by Mary Bard
Paula Relates a Story She has Heard 13:14 Read by Mary Bard
Determination 7:39 Read by Mary Bard
In Mr. Stuyvesant's Parlors 21:44 Read by Mary Bard
"The Hour of Six is Sacred!" 17:51 Read by Mary Bard
The Man Cummins 19:00 Read by Mary Bard


More like a drama

(3 stars)

AKG's true mystery books are excellent. However, this is the 2nd book that's been more like a drama to me. Yes, I wondered things like how the various story lines would come together & who were the people around the woods. The only real mysterious part to me was towards the end. The only real twists were also towards the end. So, my mystery pretty much only involved the bonds. There was just a little more suspense than mystery involving the people around the woods, the older woman, the fire, & the bonds. I truly wasn't super interested in much more. Maybe I'd feel differently if I hadn't already heard so many great stories by AKG already. This is the 1st of her books that dragged in parts for me as well. Lastly, Paula loving the person she did was creepy to me. You'll understand after listening to this. I don't want to write more as I don't want to spoil anything. The reader was excellent.

great reading, enjoyable story

(5 stars)

I really like this authors mysteries, even so this big story was a nice change. Full of interesting characters and romance with a few little mysteries thrown in. Very well read!


(5 stars)

Mary reads this amazing story in such a satisfying way. I feel I owe her a big debt of gratitude for her generosity in bringing it to us.

Awesome! Loved it!

(5 stars)

Great story and beautiful writing. A time of long not miss this one!

Quite enjoyable

(5 stars)

It takes a while to get going, but is an excellent story by the end.

Too dull

(3 stars)

I enjoy this author, and the reader is superb, but twice now I've tried to listen and couldn't get through the first full chapter. There's so much repetition, stilted language, and forced drama over things that simply don't excite (a young man is in love and wants to trade stocks to make quick cash so he can marry his sweetheart, while his advisor admonishes him against it). Clearly a foreshadowing of risky money deals ahead with a happy marriage at the end of it -- with long conversations, exaggerated emotions, stereotyped characters, and lots of trivial details to wade through to get to the happy ending. Meh.


(5 stars)

MKG proves that love is only a different presentation of mystery. For those of you who refused to enjoy this phenomenal book, I say that you missed a great one. People may shrink from an emotional work, but an occasional foray into such is good for the soul. The depth of emotion from the author is so heartfelt that one can only presume that she loved deeply. And, the perfect reading by MB only heightens the feeling. Read this one.

like this reader

(3 stars)

story is ok. not enough detective Gryce, for me. details on feelings was a bit much and repetitive, for me. age difference is a bit pedi, for me. I thought story was to focus on first character but instead it was his uncle. I did like how the stories intertwined with other character stories during their lives. back on the list to listen in a year or two.