Six Little Ducklings

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(4.9 stars; 9 reviews)

Six little ducklings and their mom live in a hollow tree down by the river. Join them as the grow up by the water and learn more about themselves and their animal neighbors. - Summary by Mary Kay (0 hr 51 min)


Chapter 1 2:56 Read by Phil Chenevert
Chapter 2 5:28 Read by Asta1234
Chapter 3 2:17 Read by Asta1234
Chapter 4, Part I 4:50 Read by Xenablue
Chapter 4, Part II 6:00 Read by Xenablue
Chapter 5 10:32 Read by Xenablue
Chapter 6 8:55 Read by Rachel
Chapter 7 10:32 Read by Rachel


(5 stars)

I love it!! It’s so cute

very good

(4 stars)

Good good to readers