The Well at the World's End, Book 2: The Road Unto Trouble

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(4.8 stars; 13 reviews)

In The Well at the World's End, Ralph of Upmeads, youngest son of the King of Upmeads, leaves home (where nothing exciting ever happens) without permission and sets out looking for adventure. When he hears rumors of a well that exudes water with magical properties, he is intrigued and begins his quest. Along the way, he travels through various towns and wildernesses and meets -- and is sometimes led astray by -- a host of interesting people including a mysterious knight, a beautiful woman who may be a goddess, a treacherous servant, a brave tavern wench, a barbarian warrior, a solitary sage, and a sadistic king. Book 2 continues this journey, - Summary by Kristingj

DPLs for this project include Vanessa Cooley, Kristin Gjerløw, Ryan Cowell and Linette Geisel. (7 hr 42 min)


Ralph Meets With Love in the Wilderness 16:44 Read by acousticwave
They Break Their Fast in the Wildwood 10:00 Read by acousticwave
The Lady Telleth Ralph of the Past Days of Her Life 14:31 Read by Kristin G.
The Lady Tells of Her Deliverance 20:14 Read by Kristin G.
Yet More of the Lady's Story 5:16 Read by Kristin G.
The Lady Tells Somewhat of Her Doings After She Left the Wilderness 15:36 Read by jenno
The Lady Tells of the Strife and Trouble That Befell After Her Coming to the Co… 25:45 Read by Lucy Kempton
The Lady Maketh an End of Her Tale 13:28 Read by Lucy Kempton
They Go On Their Way Once More 10:51 Read by Gemma L Myers
Of the Desert-House and the Chamber of Love in the Wilderness 20:31 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Cometh Out of the Wilderness 6:35 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Falleth in With Friends and Rideth to Whitwall 6:53 Read by Gemma L Myers
Richard Talketh With Ralph Concerning the Well at the World's End. Concerning S… 14:17 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Falleth in With Another Old Friend 7:50 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Dreams a Dream Or Sees a Vision 5:55 Read by David Lawrence
Of the Tales of Swevenham 14:50 Read by acousticwave
Richard Bringeth Tidings of Departing 8:30 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Departeth From Whitwall With the Fellowship of Clement Chapman 5:15 Read by David Lawrence
Master Clement Tells Ralph Concerning the Lands Whereunto They Were Riding 7:10 Read by Gemma L Myers
They Come to the Mid-Mountain Guest-House 11:56 Read by Gemma L Myers
A Battle in the Mountains 13:10 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Talks With Bull Shockhead 6:08 Read by Gemma L Myers
Of the Town of Cheaping Knowe 6:32 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Heareth More Tidings of the Damsel 8:21 Read by acousticwave
The Fellowship Comes to Whiteness 7:03 Read by acousticwave
They Ride the Mountains Toward Goldburg 12:07 Read by acousticwave
Clement Tells of Goldburg 5:15 Read by acousticwave
Now They Come to Goldburg 6:56 Read by Domenica Campbell
Of Goldburg and the Queen Thereof 18:18 Read by acousticwave
Ralph Hath Hope of Tidings Concerning the Well at the World's End 9:29 Read by Lynne T
The Beginning of the Road To Utterbol 16:27 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph Happens on Evil Days 18:40 Read by Gemma L Myers
Ralph is Brought on the Road Towards Utterbol 9:46 Read by ToddHW
The Lord of Utterbol Will Wot of Ralph's Might and Minstrelsy 16:16 Read by ToddHW
Ralph Cometh To the Vale of the Tower 12:11 Read by Amelia Chesley
The Talk of Two Women Concerning Ralph 13:12 Read by Amelia Chesley
How Ralph Justed With the Aliens 11:30 Read by Amelia Chesley
A Friend Gives Ralph Warning 11:31 Read by Kalynda
The Lord of Utterbol Makes Ralph a Free Man 10:39 Read by Kalynda
They Ride Toward Utterness From Out of Vale Turris 2:27 Read by Joe Selah
Redhead Keeps Tryst 9:35 Read by acousticwave


excellent book with enjoyable readers

(5 stars)

I listened to book one "Of the Well at Worlds End" and waited with anticipation for the second book to finish. It was worth the wait.Many thanks to all of the readers!

William Morris has long been a favorite of mine. the archaic English is a delig…

(5 stars)

Great Book

(5 stars)

First fantasy novel ever and it's not to bad.