The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Version 3)

Read by David Clarke

(4.8 stars; 767 reviews)

The book was first published in February 1905 by McClure, Phillips & Co. (New York) then on March 7, 1905 by Georges Newnes, Ltd. (London) and was the first Holmes collection since 1893, when Holmes had "died" in The Final Problem. Having published The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1901–1902 (setting it before Holmes' death) Doyle came under intense pressure to revive his famous character. The first story is set in 1894 and has Holmes returning in London and explaining the period from 1891–94, a period called "The Great Hiatus" by Sherlockian enthusiasts. Also of note is Watson's statement in the last story of the cycle that Holmes has retired, and forbids him to publish any more stories. - Summary by Wikipedia (11 hr 51 min)


The Adventure of the Empty House 56:08 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Norwood Builder 58:03 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Dancing Men 1:00:36 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Solitary Bicyclist 49:35 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Priory School Part 1 39:20 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Priory School Part 2 36:54 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of Black Peter 52:02 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton 43:55 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Six Napoleons 52:29 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of The Three Students 42:29 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez 54:51 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter 49:41 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Abbey Grange 54:24 Read by David Clarke
The Adventure of the Second Stain 1:00:50 Read by David Clarke


David Clarke Narrates a Classic!

(5 stars)

David Clarke is just about my favorite Librivox narrator! He never disappoints! And of course, a classic like Sherlock Holmes needs a beautiful British accent to give it justice. David Clarke makes these tales come to life.

(5 stars)

Ecstatic that David Clarke continued to narrate these novels to their conclusion. He was the first narrator I listened to on LibraVox, and I have yet to find one as engrossing as he. If Mr. Clarke charged, I would happily pay, though he is a saint for making them available to the general public for free.

The reader makes all the difference

(5 stars)

While Doyle's timeless works never fail to entertain, David Clark is by far the best reader in all of Librivox. His remarkable voice acting abilities imbues each character with an almost visual depth and individuality that effectively brings the story to life in such a way that you forget you are listening to a reading providing for a most enjoyable and immersive experience.


(5 stars)

Stories as gripping and intetesting as the first two volumes. These, perhaps, may show a more human nature in Holmes. The reader is excellent, certainly on par with the readers of the first two.

Thoroughly Enjoyable!!

(5 stars)

This is “the last” of the Sherlock Holmes books, and it is certainly as brilliant. If you haven’t heard/read the last two, please don’t start with this one. This is the one book which begins with a continuation of significant events. There are parts which feel a bit less adventurous than some of the previous stories, however, I attribute that to the tone the author uses to introduce the stories. Instead of simply, “When I look back,” or “Once, when Holmes and I were walking,” he speaks of how he’s writing long after Holmes has retired. This leaves me with a bit of a sad taste, but once you get into the stories, they’re so fun!!! Also, David Clark is a wonderful reader! His voices for different characters really bring life to them. He also makes it very easy to follow who is talking at any given time. I’m LOVING THESE BOOKS!!!!!!

Wounderfully read

(5 stars)

Great Intonation and reading speed paired with a great variety oft different "voices" for the different charactets, oft which not a single one sounds unnatural, Marke this audio book a true pleasure to listen to.

Wonderful reading of these classic tales

(5 stars)

This was my first time listening to this reader. I’m extremely impressed with his reading style. I typically don’t like readers who do voices because they are usually far too amateurish. This is not the case with this reader. I highly recommend this book and reader. I know I will be looking for other titles read by this reader.

(3 stars)

Meh, ... I can't fault the reading, but this book of Sherlock Homes stories is not nearly as good as the earlier ones. Perhaps he should have stayed dead? I think anyone who has read the first two Sherlock Holmes collections would be best advised to quit while they're ahead, ...or watch some of the many film and TV versions. 'The Seven Per Cent Solution' is worth watching.