The Kitchen Cat and Other Stories

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.5 stars; 25 reviews)

These are three stories that will delight your heart and soul. The little girl Ruth in the first story is very privileged young lady with everything she could wish for except,of course, for companionship. Her mother has passed away and her father is a very busy lawyer who barely notices she is there. But then Ruth finds a scruffy, skinny and mostly ugly cat; the cat who lives in the kitchen and cellars,hence The Kitchen Cat. Her attempts to befriend this stray despite insurmountable obstacles make this story a really heart warming tale. She does eventually find the best kind of companionship but I won't tell you with who or when. Sarah's Sunday Out is the tale of a pampered little dog who wants to see the world and finally The Toad in the Hole is the tale of a somewhat selfish little girl and her lesson in seeing things from another's point of view. All are bitter sweet and all are delightful. You will be glad you listened to them. I know I'm glad I read them. (1 hr 19 min)


THE KITCHEN CAT 48:40 Read by Phil Chenevert
SARAH'S SUNDAY OUT 19:36 Read by Phil Chenevert
THE TOAD IN THE HOLE 11:09 Read by Phil Chenevert


enjoyable but not remarkable

(3 stars)

I thought the first story was the best, but overall they were fairly ordinary. Not bad to listen to while trying to sleep and quite well read by the narrator.

easy listening

(4 stars)

Good reader. Simply delightful stories with moral and thoughtful lessons