The Letter Of Credit

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(4.5 stars; 64 reviews)

"Rotha is a poor American girl who has to see both her parents die. All that time, she is comforted by an English friend of the family, Mr. Digby-Southwode. Mr. Digby-Southwode thinks he does the right thing by committing Rotha to the care of her wealthy aunt, a woman who wronged her mother and robbed her of her rightful fortune, while he returns to England to nurse his dying father. Would the wealthy aunt treat Rotha as she treated her mother or is there a chance for redemption? And would Mr. Digby-Southwode ever return to America and see Rotha again? The book is very modern in tone. - Summary by Stav Nisser

Proof-listened by Kimberly Krause and Fiddlesticks (19 hr 13 min)


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Wonderful Characterization

(4.5 stars)

Why haven't we heard of this author before? Well-developed characters are everywhere in this book--no "stock" or cardboard anywhere. (I want a whole book about Priscilla.) She's also excellent at describing scenes so that the reader can easily visualize them. The best thing she does in this book is portray a realistic villainess: an otherwise ordinary woman whose petty manipulations destroy lives.

Refreshingly Excellent

(5 stars)

present day authors of Christian romance should take a lesson from this text about how to more effectively present real Biblical facts in their manuscripts

one of the better reads

(5 stars)

An excellent development of characters and wonderful application of doctrine. A fine example of walking through life as a Christian.

Wonderful discovery of this author

(5 stars)

Of the stamp of Isabella Alden (Pansy) books.. great Christian living theme throughout.

(5 stars)

Really good story and worth the listening time. Love the Bible verses quoted and read.

A very different approach to christianity through a novel.

(4 stars)


(4 stars)

Beautifully drawn glimpses of maturing goodness. Enjoyed

excellent story

(5 stars)

It absolutely pains ones ears to listen to Molly mispronounce words that everyone should know before trying to read to the public.