Heart of the World

Read by Paul Hansen

(4.4 stars; 145 reviews)

H. Rider Haggard wrote Heart of the World in 1895 and it tells of the search for a secret and hidden Mayan civilization living in a long lost city filled with gold and jewels! It is also a love story of a couple willing to give up everything, and I mean EVERYthing, for true love. And it is a melodramatic adventure story of good against evil. I am not sure which side wins... however it is a wonderful read! (Description by Paul Hansen) (14 hr 11 min)


Prologue 36:24 Read by Paul Hansen
How the Plot Failed 32:01 Read by Paul Hansen
The Senor Strickland 29:36 Read by Paul Hansen
The Summons 29:30 Read by Paul Hansen
The Legend of the Heart 35:41 Read by Paul Hansen
The Beginning of the Quest 28:03 Read by Paul Hansen
El Norte 28:49 Read by Paul Hansen
The Hacienda 30:20 Read by Paul Hansen
The Supper and After 30:17 Read by Paul Hansen
The Duel 29:36 Read by Paul Hansen
How Molas Died 30:58 Read by Paul Hansen
Zilbalbay Tells His Mission 37:12 Read by Paul Hansen
Maya Descends the Cueva 33:15 Read by Paul Hansen
Ignatio's Oath 38:05 Read by Paul Hansen
The City of the Heart 40:41 Read by Paul Hansen
How Zilbabay Came Home 33:48 Read by Paul Hansen
On the Pyramid 35:09 Read by Paul Hansen
The Curse of Zilbalbay 34:33 Read by Paul Hansen
The Plot 30:19 Read by Paul Hansen
The Sacrilige 32:42 Read by Paul Hansen
The Council of the Heart 34:37 Read by Paul Hansen
The Marriage of Maya 31:33 Read by Paul Hansen
Mattai Prophesies Evil 30:43 Read by Paul Hansen
Our Flight and How it Ended 28:38 Read by Paul Hansen
Nahua bears Witness 32:59 Read by Paul Hansen
Farewell 30:58 Read by Paul Hansen
Envoi 5:06 Read by Paul Hansen


(5 stars)

I love to hear a story told, as in the days before radio. It allows the mind to visualize a personal rendition of events. This story like many I have listened to, is read wonderfully. The pace is mesmerizing as one would expect of an Adventure to hidden Mayan treasures.


(3 stars)

I find the reader to be a bit monotone so I lose concentration, though he does try. There are some adventures but I kept losing concentration because of the aforementioned

I almost wish it was true

(4 stars)

I would have given this a 5 star except for the quality of the recording. When it began, I thought I was not going to enjoy this reader but turns out, he is perfect for this story. what a mind, H.Ryder Haggert had. I kept being amazed by the story line, the incredible details, the humanity of characters (except the evil ones) and the description of the ancient Inca City. it felt like he must have seen it. Not a very surprising ending but I kept hoping things would turn out differently.


(5 stars)

I love everything by H Rider Haggard and this book does not disappoint he has got to be the best adventure story writer ever. That's my opinion but man he it writes an incredible story! King Solomon's Mines and The Lost World are my all-time favorites but this is a fantastic listen.

(3.5 stars)

and I'm using IF somewhat absurdly fantastical tail not one of Haggard's best. The readers prosody is distractingly off and there are some minor technical problems with the reading but overdue all an enjoyable distraction if that's what you're looking for.

oh, whata tale

(5 stars)

Few authors make me laugh like Rider Haggard. I cried a lot listening to Heart. But how interesting. The details kept me listening and the suspence was amazing. Mr. Hansen read very well too.

Endless dialog with little to no action. Not worth it

(1 stars)

Very meager story with endless dialog. Reader was ok but book seemed to never end. Ending was very predictable and unsatisfying. Pick a different book.

(5 stars)

Imagine King Solomon's Mines set in central america and you have this book. Throw in an illusion towards the legends Noah and even Jesus at one point. Overall I highly recommend it.