Wanted - A Pedigree

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(4.5 stars; 14 reviews)

Nina Clemmens was adopted as a baby. When her parents die, she goes to live with her religious aunt, who mistreats her because of her temper and her origin. Nina has been haunted by a woman in black for her whole life. She meets Dr. Monteith, who is a widower whose wife died in childbirth. Will Nina be safe with him? Will she come to know the God both her aunt and Dr. Monteith claim to serve? Will she ever be accepted despite her lack of pedigree? When a young man carelessly insults her, she vows revenge. But it is not as simple as she thought. Will she be reconciled to the one she loves? Will the mystery of the woman in black be solved? (Summary by Bria Snow) (16 hr 57 min)


A Mystery 33:25 Read by Roohi
An Exchange 15:34 Read by Bria Snow
Forebodings 10:55 Read by Bria Snow
An Unexepected Blow 10:38 Read by Bria Snow
The Arrival 14:12 Read by Bria Snow
'Comfort' causes Much Discomfort 8:58 Read by Bria Snow
Surprising Disclosure 13:19 Read by Bria Snow
Kizzie speaks her Mind 17:54 Read by Bria Snow
Stranger in a Strange Place 40:02 Read by Roohi
Rule of a Strong-minded woman 29:47 Read by Roohi
New Friends 12:30 Read by Roohi
A Young Tigress 15:35 Read by Roohi
Pharisee and Publican 13:59 Read by Roohi
A Pattern Boy 10:52 Read by Roohi
Petticoat Government 17:57 Read by Roohi
The Woman in Black 29:49 Read by Roohi
Watched 17:15 Read by Roohi
Unsatisfied Curiosity 10:20 Read by Roohi
Under Surveillance 26:01 Read by Roohi
Original Style of Courtship 14:57 Read by Roohi
Overwhelmed 19:58 Read by Roohi
A Homeless Wanderer 18:50 Read by Roohi
Rebellion in the Camp 18:14 Read by Roohi
Ghost or Mortal? 15:58 Read by Roohi
A Terrified intruder 23:59 Read by Roohi
Doubts, Fears, and Hopes 14:07 Read by Roohi
The Story Aunt Lettice Told 20:04 Read by Roohi
A Generous Offer 10:18 Read by Roohi
Nina's Choice 36:59 Read by Roohi
Haunted 16:29 Read by Roohi
Clouds and Sunlight 21:28 Read by Roohi
A Growing Friendship 10:08 Read by Roohi
A New Effort of the Enemy 20:27 Read by Roohi
The Woman in Black Again 15:20 Read by Roohi
Varying Moods 29:01 Read by Roohi
A New-comer 23:23 Read by Roohi
Jealousy, and What came of It 27:56 Read by Roohi
A Chapter of Mysteries and Surprises p371 56:07 Read by Roohi
A Strange Warning 20:35 Read by Roohi
A Fearful Aternative 25:29 Read by Roohi
The Ordeal 15:36 Read by Roohi
Avenged 24:39 Read by Roohi
Turning States Evidence 25:11 Read by Roohi
Great Sorrow and Great Joy 19:41 Read by Roohi
Caught in Her Own Net 23:47 Read by Roohi
Oakdale 9:29 Read by Roohi
The Spoiler Spoiled 34:37 Read by Roohi
Retrospection 6:03 Read by Roohi
Retribution 10:52 Read by Roohi
Sowing and Reaping 38:51 Read by Roohi


(5 stars)

Don't let the bigoted fool who rated this one star put you off. A beautifully read story.

Thoroughly enjoyable

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Reads like a Dickens tale at times because of the sufferings of the heroine. One of the themes is the contrast between true Christianity and self-righteous hypocrisy. The author was a bit too much in love with her heroine’s beauty. But that’s my only complaint. I loved the depth of characters and the plot twists. And I especially loved the father in the story.

Marina V.

(1 stars)

All books should be read by native speakers. Horrible accent always spoils the whole impression. sounds Indian...

excellent read

(5 stars)

A delightful tale and a very good reader.

A Nice Story

(4 stars)

This story was sometimes quite predictable. The contrast between a true follower of Christ and a follower of form is portrayed well. The reading and sound quality in some of the earlier chapters was quite bad. I skipped ahead a bit without missing too much. Ruhie (sp?) is a great reader.