Oomphel in the Sky

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 319 reviews)

Natives of the distant planet of Kwannon believe that their world is about to end, and in preparing for the apocalypse, may be unnecessarily bringing about their own demise. The planetary government can’t overcome its own bureaucracy to help them, and the military is overwhelmed. Can a single newsman change the course of a whole people, and save their world? (by Mark Nelson)

(1 hr 57 min)


Chapter 1 35:40 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 2 37:32 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 3 17:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 4 26:46 Read by Mark Nelson


(5 stars)

Anything Mark Nelson reads is guaranteed to be a great listen, and this one was no exception. He is probably the very best narrator on LibriVox...

Quirky and well read

(5 stars)

An entertaining and fun little story. Not too moralistic, easy to follow with a fun ending. As always, wonderfully read by Mr Nelson. I love his subtle character accents; they help give the story life without distracting from the narration.

(5 stars)

Really like the reader of this, excellent pronunciation and timing. Very good story too, strange how stories written so long ago can still have such resonance with the here and now.

(5 stars)

For a “short story” this wad awesome !!! The only way to better it would be to remove the irritating sound effects from the intro into each chapter, I can’t call it a musical intro as it has nothing musical in it !!!

What is truth?

(2 stars)

Mark read this well, as usual, though volume was lower than normal. The plot was weak, and finished with some strange philosophy that just doesn't satisfy logically or compassionately. And no space battles or sci Fi tech. Disappointing overall.


(2 stars)

It would be better if the story did not remind my of the new Testament from the bible and of Revelations. I do not see me finishing the book.

Piper was great at writing.

(4.5 stars)

Mark Nelson has done it again. I really appreciate his talent at story narration. Great ending! A fun listen. Peter T.

(4.5 stars)

More great libertarian sci fi from H. Beam. Eviscerating and accurate predictions about the consequences of progressive education included at no extra charge.😃