The Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems

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This is a collection of poems on various topics by Vachel Lindsay.
Please note that the Booker T. Washington trilogy had to be omitted from this collection. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 40 min)


The Chinese Nightingale 12:47 Read by Tony Addison
Where Is the Real Non-resistant? 1:25 Read by Ezwa
Here's to the Mice! 1:06 Read by Newgatenovelist
When Bryan Speaks 1:23 Read by Melissa Hoffman
To Jane Addams at the Hague 1:57 Read by Dini Steyn
The Tale of the Tiger Tree 10:56 Read by Amabam
The Merciful Hand 1:05 Read by Amabam
Our Mother Pocahontas 4:02 Read by Dini Steyn
Concerning Emperors 1:30 Read by Dini Steyn
Niagara 2:32 Read by Melissa Hoffman
Mark Twain and Joan of Arc 1:15 Read by Alexandra Helms
The Bankrupt Peace Maker 3:46 Read by Dini Steyn
'This, My Song, is made for Kerensky' 4:24 Read by Dini Steyn
Our Guardian Angels and Their Children 2:34 Read by Dini Steyn
Epitaphs for Two Players 4:25 Read by Dini Steyn
Mae Marsh, Motion Picture Actress 1:28 Read by Crystal Rogers
Two Old Crows 1:51 Read by Ezwa
The Drunkard's Funeral 2:33 Read by Larry Wilson
The Raft 5:05 Read by Larry Wilson
The Ghosts of the Buffaloes 5:30 Read by Dini Steyn
The Broncho that Would Not Be Broken 3:08 Read by Dini Steyn
The Prairie Battlements 1:23 Read by Diana Schmidt
The Flower of Mending 1:12 Read by Diana Schmidt
Alone in the Wind, on the Prairie 1:20 Read by Dini Steyn
To Lady Jane 1:53 Read by Nancee Cline
How I Walked Alone in the Jungles of Heaven 1:57 Read by Kathleen Moore
An Account of the Poem Games 6:55 Read by Kristin G.
The King of Yellow Butterflies (A Poem Game) 3:00 Read by Ezwa
The Potatoes' Dance (A Poem Game) 4:38 Read by Ezwa
How Samson Bore Away the Gates of Gaza 3:22 Read by Kristin G.