The Steam House

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 61 reviews)

Jules Verne is back with another action-packed adventure--this time in India with a steam-powered elephant! Maucler, Captain Hood, Banks, and Colonel Munro set out for a pleasure trip across India in their train pulled by Behemoth, their mechanical elephant, but soon realize that they are in the midst of a plot by the Colonel's archenemy, Nana Sahib, to get vengeance for past wrongs and seize control of India once and for all. Will they be able to escape from a hidden assassin and uncover a secret hidden for decades in time to stop Nana Sahib? You’ll have to join us in this exciting story read by Librivox volunteers to find out! (Summary by AdeledePignerolles) (11 hr 48 min)


1-01. Two Thousand Pounds for a Head 21:07 Read by J. E. Vorble
1-02. Colonel Munro 24:11 Read by J. E. Vorble
1-03. The Sepoy Revolt 24:18 Read by J. E. Vorble
1-04. Deep in the Caves of Ellora 20:15 Read by ToddHW
1-05. The Iron Giant 20:26 Read by J. E. Vorble
1-06. First Stages 25:34 Read by C. L. W. Rollins
1-07. The Pilgrims of the Phalgou River 30:23 Read by Mark Nelson
1-08. A Few Hours at Benares 28:42 Read by Mark Nelson
1-09. Allahabad 21:48 Read by Mark Nelson
1-10. Via Dolorosa 16:03 Read by Mark Nelson
1-11. The Monsoon 22:53 Read by Kathrine Engan
1-12. Three-Fold Light 21:24 Read by Kathrine Engan
1-13. Captain Hood's Prowess 24:16 Read by Kathrine Engan
1-14. One Against Three 29:54 Read by BettyB
1-15. The Pal of Tandit 17:16 Read by rosalinger
1-16. Roving Flame 18:27 Read by rosalinger
2-01. Our Sanatarium 18:50 Read by Mark Nelson
2-02. Mathias van Guitt 28:05 Read by Mark Nelson
2-03. The Kraal 28:15 Read by Mark Nelson
2-04. A Queen of the Terrai 39:10 Read by Mark Nelson
2-05. A Night Attack 31:27 Read by Mark Nelson
2-06. Mathias van Guitt's Farewell 21:29 Read by Mark Nelson
2-07. Passage of the Bettwa 34:23 Read by jftocanada
2-08. Hood Versus Banks 18:22 Read by Mark Nelson
2-09. A Hundred Against One 26:36 Read by Dan Mason
2-10. Lake Puturia 26:54 Read by BettyB
2-11. Face to Face 25:29 Read by Eli27
2-12. At the Cannon's Mouth 19:06 Read by Colleen Corrigan
2-13. Behemoth 14:36 Read by BettyB
2-14. Captain Hood's Fiftieth Tiger 8:46 Read by BettyB


(5 stars)

Great novel! Jules Verne always delivers!

(3 stars)

good book of the times, though I had to skip some readers, missing sections and the end completely... The last reader is monotonous and impossible to listen to, and there's a guy near middle that reads every three words and stops like captain Kirk.

Great Story Great readers

(5 stars)

I never before had heard of this book by Jules Verne. Thank you for reading it on librivox. you guys are my heros!

good novel

(3 stars)

Very long novel. not much excitement , but good description of India. I did not like the hunting scenes