Utopia (Burnet translation)

Read by Jenilee

(4.3 stars; 71 reviews)

This book is all about the fictional country called Utopia. It is a country with an ‘ideal’ form of communism, in which everything really does belong to everybody, everyone does the work they want to, and everyone is alright with that. This country uses gold for chamber pots and prison chains, pearls and diamonds for children’s playthings, and requires that a man and a woman see each other exactly as they are, naked, before getting married. This book gave the word 'utopia' the meaning of a perfect society, while the Greek word actually means ‘no place’. Enjoy listening to this story about a country that really is too good to be true. (Summary by Jenilee.)

This is the 17th century translation by Gilbert Burnet, edited in the 19th century by Henry Morley. (3 hr 53 min)


Introduction 8:25 Read by Jenilee
Discourses of Raphael Hythloday, of the Best State of a Commonwealth 26:54 Read by Jenilee
Discourses (pt 2) 28:13 Read by Jenilee
Discourses (pt 3) 19:45 Read by Jenilee
Of Their Towns, Particularly of Amaurot 5:27 Read by Jenilee
Of Their Magistrates 3:10 Read by Jenilee
Of Their Trades, and Manner of Life 10:10 Read by Jenilee
Of Their Traffic 11:29 Read by Jenilee
Of the Travelling of the Utopians 43:05 Read by Jenilee
Of Their Slaves, and Of Their Marriages 19:26 Read by Jenilee
Of Their Military Discipline 20:01 Read by Jenilee
Of the Religions of the Utopians 37:43 Read by Jenilee


Good Reading

(4.5 stars)

The only 2 problems I found were that the book is read from a version that is easier to understand, but not the original copy (which could also be a good thing). But I have also heard much better readers in audio books before, this girl gets pretty boring to listen to. But it's free! So I guess beggars can't be choosers!

Ahead of it's time, yet far behind the times

(5 stars)

If you should commit adultery, you become a slave. If your spouse wishes to forgive you and continue to be with you, they can be a slave too. 😂

Utopia (Burnet translation)

(4 stars)

The reader did an excellent job. I have heard people refer to this classic novel in politics. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires a deeper understanding political views.

Good Reader

(5 stars)

I did not find Jennilee to be monotone as some others have. She reads clearly, if a bit plainly. It's not exactly a book for dramatic reading though.

(5 stars)

Good recording. Nice to have access to such a foundational text. I certainly don't agree with all of it, but it's a good example to add to any analysis.

well read

(5 stars)

This is a good and clear translation of More's Latin and the reader did a good job with it.

Good job!

(5 stars)

Jenilee has a pleasant voice and read expressively and at the right speed. I couldn't have asked for more.


(3 stars)

Accurate reading, but largely monotone and therefore hard to stay focus on this philosophical work.