The Clouds

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(4.2 stars; 32 reviews)

Strepsiades is an Athenian burdened with debt from a bad marriage and a spendthrift son. He resolves to go to the Thinking Shop, where he can purchase lessons from the famous Socrates in ways to manipulate language in order to outwit his creditors in court. Socrates, represented as a cunning, manipulative, irreverent sophist, has little success with the dull-witted Strepsiades, but is able to teach the old man's son Phidippides a few tricks. In the end, the play is a cynical, clever commentary on Old Ways vs. New Ways, to the disparagement of the former. - Summary by Expatriate (1 hr 38 min)


Part I 35:19 Read by Expatriate
Part II 32:45 Read by Expatriate
Part III 30:33 Read by Expatriate



(3 stars)

It is good for a free book, but the narrator could have slowed down a bit and been less monotone. Also, the sound quality was pretty good.

extremely funny

(5 stars)

Expatriate once again does a stellar narration of this great play.

nicely read

(5 stars)

a nice rhythm plus a good translation pleasing metricality

good book well read

(5 stars)

hilarious play very well read

(5 stars)

A great recording, with dramatic, but not distracting, inflection