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Fred Allen Christmas Shows

(4,333 Sterne; 3 Bewertungen)

Radio's master satirist in memorable Yuletide shows, including two versions of his famous "Santa Claus Sits Down" sketch and a memorable guest turn by comic actor Monty Woolley

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



FredAllen371222 Town Hall TonightSanta Will Not Ride Tonight Guest Jack Benny


FredAllen421220 Texaco Star TheaterSanta Claus Sits Down Risa Stevens Metropoli…


FredAllen471228 The Fred Allen ShowSuing to Return Freds Cuckoo Clock with Mont…



His Royal Grumpiness

(4 Sterne)

A set of holiday classics; kind of a mixed bag though. Town Hall Tonight. December 22, 1937. Jack Benny tries to sell Allen his Maxwell. The Mighty Allen Art Players perform a Christmas fable titled, "Santa Will Not Ride Tonight." Harry Von Zell (announcer), Portland Hoffa, Peter Van Steeden and His Orchestra. 1 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. The Texaco Star Theatre. December 20, 1942. The question for "Allen's Alley" is, "Did going without a newspaper for three days bother you in any way?" Rise Stevens sings, "Ave Maria," The Texaco Workshop Players perform, "Santa Clauses Refuses To Mediate," Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Rise Stevens, Al Goodman and His Orchestra, Jimmy Wallington (announcer), John Brown, Minerva Pious, Charlie Cantor, Alan Reed. The Fred Allen Show. December 28, 1947. Allen's Alley Question: What do you consider to be the most outstanding event of 1947?" Guest Monty Woolley helps Fred exchange a cuckoo clock. The De Marco Sisters, Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, Kenny Delmar, Peter Donald, Parker Fennelly, Al Goodman and His Orchestra. (Source: http://www.radiogoldindex)