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Luke Slaughter of Tombstone - Single Episodes

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CBS started the year 1958 off with the introduction on January 1, 1958 of Frontier Gentleman. That series lasted 41 broadcasts. Near the end of the year, the network launched Have Gun, Will Travel on November 11, 1958, which continued for 106 programs. In between, a very short series was offered and discontinued after only 16 broadcasts, Luke Slaughter Of Tombstone. Sam Buffington starred as Luke Slaughter, a Civil War cavalryman who turned to cattle ranching in post war Arizona territory near Fort Huachuca. William N. Robson, known from his work with such series as Escape, Suspense and The CBS Radio Workshop, directed. Sam Buffington enacted the title role on Luke Slaughter of Tombstone, another of CBS's prestigious adult Westerns. The series was produced and directed by William N. Robson, one of radio's greatest dramatic directors and Robert Stanley producer was aired from February 23 through June 15, 1958. Buffington portrayed the hard-boiled cattleman with scripts overseen by Gunsmoke sound effects artist (and sometimes scriptwriter) Tom Hanley. Each program had an authoritative opening statement: "Slaughter's my name, Luke Slaughter. Cattle's my business. It's a tough business, it's a big business. I got a big stake in it. And there's no man west of the Rio Grande big enough to take it away from me." Junius Matthews was heard as Slaughter's sidekick, Wichita. In his first adventure, tough-as-nails westerner Luke Slaughter guarantees he will bring a cattle herd to Tombstone despite the threats of rustlers and a spy among the ranks of his cowboys. Like the other CBS radio westerns, Have Gun, Will Travel or Frontier Gentleman, this one had plenty of action, the productions were well done and well acted. Luke Slaugher was cut short, like a lot of other radio shows, by the steady pressure from TV. This CBS western series was only a short 16 broadcasts before ending. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Duel On The Trail


Tracks Out Of Tombstone


Yancey's Pride


Page's Progress


The Homesteaders


The Aaron Holcomb Story


Wagon Train


The Henry Fell Story


Death Watch


Worth Its Salt




Drive To Fort Huachuca


Outlaw Kid


Cattle Drive


Big Business


June Bride (Last Show)



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Well done! Too bad the series is so short. They seemed to be developing the story at a good pace.

Good Western Stories

(5 Sterne)

Each story has it's on flair about the wild West

Not the perfect western...but...

(4 Sterne)

I do wish there were more shows of this series... There may be a slight mistake in the Outlaw Kid episode date... The file and the OTRR set has the show listed as 5-28-58 where it should be least where the three logs I saw of the show were concerned...

1 of the best OTR westerns available. great quality audio.

(5 Sterne)

thank you to whoever cleaned/ uploaded the audio.

this is a great show

(5 Sterne)

ya i love this. To bad there is so few e pisodes

(3 Sterne)

ok. A poorer version of gunsmoke in my opinion but passes the time.

(5 Sterne)

great book wish there was more!!!