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Gelesen von David Wales

(4,149 Sterne; 37 Bewertungen)

A 1919 pulp-press tale of deepest darkest Africa. - Summary by david wales (2 hr 41 min)


An African Night


Read by David Wales

The Seeker Of Vengeance


Read by David Wales

Evan's Sortie


Read by David Wales

The First Victim


Read by David Wales

As By Magic


Read by David Wales

The Form That Crept


Read by David Wales

A Strange Ally


Read by David Wales



Read by David Wales

The Gorilla's Scream


Read by David Wales

At The Padre's


Read by David Wales


(3 Sterne)

Rote pulp fiction at it’s best, both for it’s time, and yet timeless. Especially, considering that even in the “21’s” century, the presence of the practice of “trafficking” in slavery of fellow human beings continues, at levels equal in numbers, to any previously known in historical numbers. It’s denial of known facts that masks the practice going forward today in the guise of the “Politically Correct” smoke screen of “Plausible Deniable Accoutabilities” . A point much favored by the P/C Elite in current political/socio-economic “Power”, better known in modern parlance ass-speak as “The 1%’ers” .

Worst monotone reading EVER

(1,5 Sterne)

Absolutely horrid "reading" of this well written story. Its unfortunate because I'm trying to enjoy the story but I am feeling actual anger at the narrator. He sounds exactly like the computer from the movie "War Games" from the eighties! It's obvious that the previous rater did not listen to this recording! I'm truly amazed at how this narration was accepted. I'm left wondering if these books are verified afterward. And again, I apologize to the writer, because it really is a wonderfully written story.

good old fashioned adventure

(4 Sterne)

This a is fine jungle yarn and kept my interest throughout. The narration was fine, although not brilliant. Murray Leinster is a great old pulp fiction writer. I want to listen to more of his books and stories.


(5 Sterne)

Well read. Fast paced story with the horror of voodoo influenced plot with a relentless pace of fear. Classic horror story. Thanks!


(5 Sterne)

The story was interesting. The narrator was excellent. Just the right amount of emphasis for this type of story. Thank you.

A good story.

(4 Sterne)

A lot different then M L"s usual science fiction stories, but entertaining nonetheless.


(4,5 Sterne)

Good book! A bit different for mr Leinster.