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Neurosociety Conference

(5 Sterne; 3 Bewertungen)

The theme of the conference was the rise of the brain and the emergence of the brain industry or 'neuro markets'. The aim was to explore how, why and in what ways the figure of the brain has come to permeate so many different areas of thinking and practice in academic and commercial life. What are the consequences for academia, business, commerce and policy?


Neurosociety: what is it with the brain these days? Closing discussion


Read by Steve Woolgar

The Social value of neurological reflexivity: decisions, and habits


Read by Jonathan Rowson

Who do you think you are? Managing Personhood in a Neurobiological Age


Read by Nikolas Rose

Constucting and reading neuroimages


Read by Kelly Joyce

Welcome and Opening Remarks


Read by Steve Woolgar