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The Call of Cthulhu

(4,371 Sterne; 897 Bewertungen)

“[The Call of Cthulhu] is a masterpiece, which I am sure will live as one of the highest achievements of literature. Mr. Lovecraft holds a unique position in the literary world; he has grasped, to all intents, the worlds outside our paltry ken.” — Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan.

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1 - The Horror in Clay


2 - The Tale of Inspector Legrasse


3 - The Madness from the Sea




(5 Sterne)

What a feel the narrator has for Lovecraft. He increased my understanding of the works he read. Librivox you are a great comfort to an old man with poor eyesight. What a simply good idea. Thank U.

Great story

(5 Sterne)

The story is really awesome, I have been always reluctant to read Lovrecraft's works, but I can see now it is really worthy and a rewarding experience. The reader made a excellent job and his voice fit well to the tone of this story. Thank you!

it doesn't work

(1 Sterne)

When I try to play this audiobook it doesn't work and it only happens with this one.

I can't play it

(1 Sterne)

This is the first recording on this app that I can't open (and I live in EU) I tried closing app, restarting phone and even uninstalling and installing this app and nothing works

Won't play

(1 Sterne)

This isn't for the reading. Was looking to listening to this but just can't get it to play on any of my devices. As soon as this is remedied I'll give a true review.

well read.

(4 Sterne)

this was very well read; the voice felt like an elder telling people of legends.

(1 Sterne)

I am not sure why i cant lisen the 2nd and 3rd part of the story


(5 Sterne)

The guy reading this did an amazing job