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A Bad Day For Vermin by Keith Laumer

Gelesen von Phil Chenevert

(4,414 Sterne; 58 Bewertungen)

For your listening pleasure, here are three stories by the ingenious Keith Laumer from the glorious days of Science Fiction in the early 1960s: A Bad Day for Vermin, The King of the City and Doorstep. They were all published in various Science Fiction magazines then flourishing in the United States at that time. I won't spoil your fun of listening to them by giving detailed story outlines, but be assured that there are aliens of various disgusting and/or beautiful shapes involved in several and a sad view of our future life when the US government collapses. (phil chenevert ) (1 hr 36 min)


A Bad Day for Vermin


Read by Phil Chenevert

The King of the City, Part 1


Read by Phil Chenevert

The King of the City, Part 2


Read by Phil Chenevert



Read by Phil Chenevert


(5 Sterne)

At the risk of reviewing the reviews, I feel compelled to state that the use of the words "nigger", "jew" and "imbecile" are perfectly acceptable in the context of the story. These are words that a trigger-happy redneck would use in such a situation, so their use in the story is as acceptable as their use in a review is. On a general note, I believe reviews should be limited to a brief summary of the item being g reviewed, rather than a vehicle for the reviewers opinion and "cleverness". Why try to put someone off something that's free for them to try anyway? This is a short story that you could say explores human attitudes towards non-human life and, as such, could have been intended as a commentary on the human fascination with killing other creatures for reasons other than personal survival. Listen and decide - don't pay any attention to reviews...

interesting stories.

(5 Sterne)

Thanks to both writer and reader. That last one did surprise me. :-)

Classic sci-fi

(5 Sterne)

Great classic sci-fi with Phil Chenevert one best readers at LibriVox.

A Good Days Listening for Me.

(4,5 Sterne)

Fast paced & interesting for all 3 tales...especially the first, but it started sounding more like fiction with a little bit of the future thrown in. Anyway, great stories all round. Well narrated, as usual, by Mr Phil Chenevert...keep going & never stop!😊👍👌 Btw, a few words were said that need attention. In the first tale, Nigger & Jew at 8.04 & imbecile at 10.45. I realise that imbecile may not offend too many but a few groups might take offence to it due to the context.

Early Laumer - OK

(3 Sterne)

These early stories by Keith Laumer are very slight, and do not hold up well. “Doorstep” is a fun, but heavy-handed, unfortunately probably realistic military overreaction to alien first contact, but the other two stories suffer from a lack of realistic responses to dramatic situations. OK if you’ve got nothing else to listen to.