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St Andrews Ghost Stories

Gelesen von David Wales

(4,339 Sterne; 31 Bewertungen)

Seventeen ghost stories (fourth edition published 1921) centered around the ruined medieval cathedral of Saint Andrew in the Scots city of that name. The author was famous in his time for his interest in ghostly apparitions. ( David Wales) (3 hr 6 min)


The Beckoning Monk; The Hauntings And Mysteries Of Lausdree Castle


Read by David Wales

A Haunted Manor House And The Duel At St Andrews; The Apparition Of The Prior O…


Read by David Wales

A True Tale Of The Phantom Coach; The Veiled Nun Of St Leonards


Read by David Wales

The Monk Of St Rule's Tower; Related By Captain ChesterRelated By Captain Chest…


Read by David Wales

The Screaming Skull Of Greyfriars; The Spectre Of The Castle


Read by David Wales

The Smothered Piper Of The West Cliffs; The Beautiful Lady Of The Haunted Tower


Read by David Wales

Concerning More Appearances Of The White Lady; A Spiritualistic Seance


Read by David Wales

The Apparition Of Sir Rodger De Wanklyn; The Bewitched Ermentrude; A Very Pecul…


Read by David Wales



(5 Sterne)

Excellent ghost story collection to listen to in a cozy room with fireplace ablaze, snow outside, and hot tea and cookies ready. The excellent reader makes the gem of this work shine even brighter!