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The Story of King Arthur, in Twelve Tales

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(4,5 Sterne; 16 Bewertungen)

Of all the legends of bygone ages which we in the foremost ranks of time may call our own perhaps none have come to us so fraught with the spirit of lofty idealism as those which cluster about the figure of King Arthur of Britain and the mystic Quest of the Holy Grail.
In their devious wanderings down the centuries they have gradually been purified of all original coarseness while still retaining that wonderful charm and simplicity which belongs to the tales of the childhood of the race. Furthermore, upon the lips of many a bard, both ancient and modern, they have become literature, so that they are now the rightful heritage of the child of to-day and should, in one form or another, find a place in every class room as supplementary reading at least.
Because, for obvious reasons, in dealing with young children, the versions of the masters have not always proved practicable, the author has ventured to offer this little volume which grew out of a library story-hour trusting that it may be useful to mothers, teachers, children’s librarians and others who are endeavouring to hold before the children of a materialistic age that vision without which the people perish. - Summary by Winona Caroline Martin (5 hr 5 min)


Heroes, by Gertrude C. Hopkins


Read by RussellEric

Tale I - Merlin and His Prophecies


Read by Scotty Smith

Tale II - How Arthur Won His Kingdom


Read by RussellEric

Tale III - How Arthur Won His Sword 'Excalibur', His Bride and His Round Table


Read by Mindle Hastings

Tale IV - Gareth the Kitchen Knave


Read by RussellEric

Tale V - Geraint with the Sparrow-Hawk


Read by Morgan Z. Sowell

Tale VI - Tristram the Forest Knight


Read by Mindle Hastings

Tale VII - The Adventures of Launcelot


Read by c8tchoi

Tale VIII - The Dolorous Stroke


Read by Foon

Tale IX - The Coming of Galahad


Read by RussellEric

Tale X - The Quest of the Holy Grail


Read by Rachel Maguire

Tale XI - The Achieving of the Quest


Read by Rachel Maguire

Tale XII - The Passing of Arthur


Read by Rachel Maguire


excellent readers great version

(5 Sterne)

While there were a couple different readers they all did a very good job. The reader switched with the changing of a tale so it was fine transitionally. I really enjoy this version of the Arthurian Legend and can't wait to share it with my children.

Some of the lady readers are a bit too fast in their reading!

(4 Sterne)