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The Tales of Chekhov Vol. 01

Gelesen von Kirsten Ferreri

(4,557 Sterne; 106 Bewertungen)

This is the first of thirteen volumes of Anton Chekhov's short stories, translated by Constance Garnett.

Anton Chekhov was a Russian doctor who turned to fiction as a hobby, and quickly blossomed into one of the masters of the short story genre. Though he is arguably best known for his dramatic works, such as The Cherry Orchard, his stories are widely considered to be some of the most perfect examples of short fiction ever written.

Constance Black Garnett was an English housewife who taught herself Russian as a hobby, and subsequently introduced the English-speaking world to some of the greatest Russian authors, including Chekhov and Dostoevsky. Though she was almost entirely self-taught in her knowledge of Russian, she was a prolific translator, and her works are still lauded today for their readability and accuracy. (Summary by Kirsten Ferreri) (2 hr 1 min)


The Darling


Read by Kirsten Ferreri



Read by Kirsten Ferreri



Read by Kirsten Ferreri



Read by Kirsten Ferreri

The Helpmate


Read by Kirsten Ferreri

The Talent


Read by Kirsten Ferreri


Chekov's take on women.. and how he understands us better than we do!

(5 Sterne)

Understanding a woman is a mystery they say. This volume of Chekov's has imo gotten the closest to peeling a woman's many layers and seeing her for who she is. At least, seeing the many episodes and roles she plays. As a woman, I probably discovered some things that were thoughts and voices in my head, but could never have been translated so beautifully into words.

Short and sweet!

(4 Sterne)

Chekhov’s little snapshots of life leave you wanting more! Beautifully read.

always a great read

(5 Sterne)

Kirsten is a phenomenal story teller! Love listening to her books!


(5 Sterne)

Some of the best short stories ever. What a talent! Well read. Thank you.


(3 Sterne)

good voice, but too short and boring stories

The tales of Chekhov bill. 01

(5 Sterne)

great stories