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Lysistrata (version 3)

Gelesen von Phil Chenevert

(4,5 Sterne; 19 Bewertungen)

The women of Athens are sick of the Peloponnesian war that has dragged on for year after year after year, causing great hardship to everyone. They decide to deny the men sex until they agree to make peace, using the one thing that perhaps men enjoy more than killing each other. Does it work? Listen and find out. This comedy by Aristophanes was first performed in 411 BC (1 hr 39 min)


Scene I: In a public square at Athens


Read by Phil Chenevert

Scene II: Afterwards, before the gates of the Acropolis,


Read by Phil Chenevert

Scene III: Within the precincts of the citadel.


Read by Phil Chenevert



(5 Sterne)

Yay one of my favourite readers narrates one of my most adored plays! Wonderfully done bravo

Quite the Tale

(5 Sterne)

Good humor.Good reader. If only wars could be settled so cleverly