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Andria: or, The Fair Andrian

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(3,5 Sterne; 1 Bewertungen)

Pamphilus wants to marry a woman different than his father has chosen for him. Add in paternal scheming, death bed promises, shipwreck, and other complications, and comedy ensues. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Simo, an aged Athenian: Aaron White
Pamphilus, son of Simo: Josh Kibbey
Sosia, freedman of Simo: Eva Davis
Chremes, an aged Athenian: ToddHW
Charinus, a young Athenian, in love with Philumena: Tomas Peter
Crito, a native of Andros: alanmapstone
Davus, servant of Simo: Campbell Schelp
Dromo, servant of Simo: Nemo
Byrrhia, servant of Charinus: Leanne Yau
Glycerium, a young woman beloved by Pamphilus: Leanne Yau
Mysis, her maid-servant: Sonia
Lesbia, a midwife: TJ Burns
Stage Directions: Foon
Edited by: ToddHW

(1 hr 55 min)


Act 1


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Act 2


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Act 3


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Act 4


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Act 5


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