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A Ride Across the Peloponnese

Gelesen von Rob Marland

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In the spring of 1877, a young Oscar Wilde visited Greece with his classics professor, J. P. Mahaffy, and two friends. One of these friends, George Macmillan, wrote a brief account of the party's ride across the Peloponnese. The account, without mentioning Wilde by name, records the travelers' first impressions of the newly excavated sites of ancient Olympia, Argos, and Mycenae. It also includes colorful descriptions of the Arcadian mountains and flora, and of Greek customs and dress. This recording was made in the spring of 2019 at the sites visited by Wilde and Macmillan. Listen out for the crash of a falling tree at Olympia, the chorus of frogs at Tegea, and the lapping waves at Nafplio Harbor. - Summary by Rob Marland (1 hr 21 min)


I. The Approach to Greece


Read by Rob Marland

II. Olympia


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III. Bassae


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IV. Megalopolis, Tripolitza, and Tegea


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V. Argos and Mycenae


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VI. Tiryns and Nauplia


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