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The biggest names in Hollywood and Broadway recorded for AFRS during the war years, The American Forces Network can trace its origins back to May 26, 1942, when the War Department established the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS). The U.S. Army began broadcasting from London during World War II, using equipment and studio facilities borrowed from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The first transmission to U.S. troops began at 5:45 p.m. on July 4, 1943 and included less than five hours of recorded shows, a BBC news and sports broadcast. That day, Corporal Syl Binkin became the first U.S. Military broadcaster heard over the air. The signal was sent from London via telephone lines to five regional transmitters to reach U.S. troops in the United Kingdom as they made preparations for the inevitable invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. Fearing competition for civilian audiences the BBC initially tried to impose restrictions on AFN broadcasts within Britain (transmissions were only allowed from American Bases outside London and were limited to 50 watts of transmission power) and a minimum quota of British produced programming had to be carried. Nevertheless AFN programmes were widely enjoyed by the British civilian listeners who could receive them and once AFN operations transferred to continental Europe (shortly after D-Day) AFN were able to broadcast with little restriction with programmes available to civilian audiences across most of Europe (including Britain) after dark. As D-Day approached, the network joined with the BBC and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to develop programs especially for the Allied Expeditionary Forces. Mobile stations, complete with personnel, broadcasting equipment, and a record library were deployed to broadcast music and news to troops in the field. The mobile stations reported on front line activities and fed the news reports back to studio locations in London.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



AFRS - How Sleep the Brave - Memorial Day Special


AFRS - Pearl Of The Orient - The Phillipines xx-xx-47


AFRS - This Is The Story - Anywhere Unlimited xx-xx-45


AFRS - This Is The Story - Red Ball Express 06-09-46


AFRS 001 - The Whistler - Double Exposure 08-06-50


AFRS 007 - The Whistler - Letter to Melanie 06-05-49


AFRS 008 - Downbeat - Jimmy Dorsey xx-xx-42


AFRS 016 - GI Journal - Kay Kyser - Linda Darnell - Mel Blanc 11-05-43


AFRS 016a - GI Jive - NAVY Special - Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie


AFRS 016b - GI Jive - Jane Withers - Bob Chester - On The Fire


AFRS 018 - Voyage of the Scarlet Queen - The Wandering Master and The Warlord A…


AFRS 027 - Invitation to Learning xx-xx-50


AFRS 030 - Sam Spade - The Dead Duck Caper 02-02-47


AFRS 042 - GI Journal - Bob Hope - Glenn Miller 04-29-44


AFRS 081 - G.I. Jive - Benny Goodman - Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right


AFRS 082 - G.I. Jive - Benny Goodman - Swing Low Sweet Chariot


AFRS 087 - This Is Your FBI - The Return Of St Nick 12-19-47


AFRS 103 - This Is The Story - We Take Our Stand - Special Troop Information xx…


AFRS 125 - Bob Hope - Wayne Morris 12-18-45


AFRS 575 - Melody Round-Up - Lum and Abner


AFRS 576 -Melody Round Up - Sons of the Pioneers


AFRS 851 - Suspense - Dreams 10-08-61


AFRS 934 - Suspense - The Big Day 05-26-57


AFRS Command Performance - 5th anniversary 05-29-47


AFRS This Is The Story - Woman With A Sword - Ida Lupino 12-09-48



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A really fine presentation of AFRS material. Thanks for your efforts. For you GI Jive Fans Afrs016a-GiJive-NavySpecial-TommyDorsey-BoogieWoogie matches GI Jive Program number 510 I can't find a Pgm# for Afrs016b-GiJive-JaneWithers-BobChester-OnTheFire but it has the AEF Jukebox of the Air opening so it should fall somewhere between Pgm 466 and 600 The other two GI Jive show as #81 and #82 both feature "Jill" and I believe are program numbers 1981 and 1982

GI Jive

(5 Sterne)

The other numbers on the disc are H-12-510 and H-12-511, so the they should be programs 510 and 511. I'm glad everyone can enjoy the show's I'll try to keep finding them and I should have more V-disc's coming soon.


(4,5 Sterne)

Good compilation - a little scratchy in parts - but fabulous to be able to listen to the “vibes” of yester - year:) Thanks!