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Bob and Ray WOR 799 March 30, 1976

(5 Sterne; 2 Bewertungen)

Tuesday, March 30, 1976 Harry and Greg return to their hotel and find Calvin and Pop. 0:00 - Bob & Ray discuss the upcoming show and some train delays, then introduce Elmer Stapley, the Word Wizard, who responses to grammar questions from listeners. 4:30 - Chester Hasbrook Frisby is interviewed by Bob, and educates the listener on steering technology. 5:55 - A pre-recorded commercial for Midas Muffler. 7:00 - Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang returns from looking for Mary, and receives an exciting phone call. 11:00 - Tippy The Wonder Dog, brought to you by Mushies.  Today, as a forest fire rages, Tippy saves neither the day nor the cabin. 14:55 - A musical interlude featuring the song Selfish by Lou Carter (aka Louie, The Singing Cab Driver), from his album Louie's Love Songs. 17:25 - After a clipped commercial for Cadillac, an episode of the police drama Rorschach (possibly based on the series Kojak), dealing with bicycle thefts and the disappearance of an eraser. 21:35 - An editorial regarding ship safety on the Hudson River, and the hot-dogging ship's captains that sail her. 25:30 - An uninspiring commercial for Ridgewood Savings Bank, offering free, unidentified gifts. 26:35 - Burn Boyle's Vanishing World Of Vanishing Animals spotlights the Tibetan Shaggy-Coated Musk Ox. 31:05 - An episode of Brigitte Hillary And The News, the story of a young female reporter and the people she slanders.  Brigitte Hillary was based on the unique 1947-1958 CBS soap opera Wendy Warren And The News, which featured a classic dramatic weeper wrapped around a genuine CBS newscast. 34:50 - A visit to Mr. Science and his young guest Jimmy, who teach us how to use oil to reduce friction, and to make things explode. 39:25 - Wally Ballew interviews Elwood Flick about bird houses, and the many varieties of birds who inhabit them. 42:20 - Bob and Ray say their goodbyes, and tell what's coming up on WOR. Annotation by Harry Wilson

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Bob & Ray

(5 Sterne)

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