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Bob and Ray WOR 808 April 12, 1976

Monday, April 12, 1976 Back at the hotel after the opera, the gang talks show talk. Next Episode: 0:00 News headlines, then opening the show; Webley Webster drops by and discusses daffodils and tomatoes.  1:35 More tales of woe from random visitors to New York; their misery is assuaged by fabulous and ironically inappropriate prizes.  6:05 An abbreviated commercial for beer, followed by Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife.  Today, Mary is upset by her unscheduled tragic finale in the opera, and the gang learns that they've been invited onto a familiar-seeming Italian talk show.  9:55 A traffic and fire report from Helicopter 710.  11:30 On The Gathering Dusk, Edna Bessinger welcomes Red Boiling Springs Municipal Zoo Curator Mr. Wagonhoyt, who assures her that the wild animals in her front yard pose no threat to her safety.  15:50 The song Music Maestro Please! by Flanagan and Allen, with music by Ronnie Munro & His Orchestra.  18:30 On Squad Car 119 the officers lose a suspect, then discuss the price of galoshes and the burned-out headlight on the squad car, while a crowd assembles unlawfully.  The commercial for Einbinder Flypaper includes a handy tax tip.  22:40 A visit from Ralph Flinger, Mr. I-Know-Where-They-Are, who discusses blank verse and the blank poets who write it, the infamous 'Whoopee Girl' of the '20s, and a pioneer in golf wear.  27:45 Search For Togetherness, a story of the search for happiness in the small mid-western town of Roaring Falls, and avoiding getting to the point.  32:35 Blimmix (based on the '70s crime show Mannix), brought to you by Jungle Haven.  Today, Joe Blimmix receives a pummelling from a 94-year-old suspect, and marks the case closed.  36:05 A tacky pre-recorded commercial for American Airlines, honouring the Bicentennial with revolutionary fares.  37:05 Mr. Science gets a visit from young Jimmy Schwab, whom he teaches about air pressure and, inadvertently, the pitfalls of gravity.  Jimmy will no longer be on the program.  40:35 On Widen Your Horizons, bank vice-president wanna-be Travis Feeney teaches how to fill out a cheque. 44:40 What's coming up on WOR, and closing the show. Annotated by Harry Wilson

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.