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Bob and Ray WOR 809 April 13, 1976

Tuesday, April 13, 1976 The Backstayge gang watches television. Next Episode: 0:00 Introducing the show, with some discussion of the WOR studios.  0:55 The Bob & Ray Beg Your Pardon feature, a few moments set aside to atone for airing misinformation and ruining lives.  4:05 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang discusses their upcoming televisione appearance, and catches some familiar televisione shows in their Milano hotel room.  7:55 Chester Hasbrook Frisby drops by to discuss upcoming Mary Backstayge plotlines, of which he knows nothing.  8:45 On Anxiety, the Bob & Ray version of Suspense, Commander Neville Putney introduces a suspenseful tale of civility and imminent death following a shipwreck.  13:15 A reprise of Irving Taylor's song When The Crabgrass Blooms Again, sung by Jimmy Joyce (Bob and Ray had played this same song just a few weeks earlier, on March 24, 1976).  16:30 On The Emergency Ward, Dr. Gerhardt Snutton researches the laws of probability as they apply to disease, and ponders freeing a patient from a pay phone.  20:15 Rush-hour news headlines, read by John Scott.  20:45 Wally Ballew visits Boston's Old North Church (location of the "one if by land, two if by sea" signal during the American Revolution), where he learns about Red Sox baseball souvenirs.  24:40 A traffic report from Helicopter 710.  26:10 Palermo (the B&R version of 'Columbo', right down to the identical music), brought to you by cookies with seeds on the inside.  Tonight, Columbo investigates a 1959 Studebaker that the guest star owned fourteen years earlier.  30:15 The first three-fifths of 'Lost Elbows' by Lou Carter (aka Louie the Singing Cabbie), from his album Louie Writes Again.  31:50 Wilmont Schreiber, 'The Question Man', discusses some of mankind's greatest achievements and their relative heights.  Bob reads questions from listeners; Wilmont fakes answers from the top of his head.  35:40 Bob And Ray Was There recreates the story of Mortimer Beale, a 1775 mapmaker, and the challenges he faced in explaining what maps are.  38:55 A train alert, followed by an episode of Grand Motel.  Today, a tale of free brochures and surly guests, including a Baumgartner reference (in-joke?) that cracks up Ray.  43:10 Closing the show, and what's coming up on WOR tonight. Annotated by Harry Wilson

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.