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Vinzi: A Story of the Swiss Alps

Gelesen von Anita Sloma-Martinez

(4,934 Sterne; 38 Bewertungen)

At 12 years old, Vinzi's only desire is to study his beloved music. But his father wants to make a farmer of him, and is displeased whenever he finds Vinzi yielding to his musical inclination. Mother and sister look on wistfully as circumstances go beyond their control, but throughout, they trust to the protection of their Father in Heaven.

This is another book by Johanna Spyri, author of Heidi. Here too, against the backdrop of the beautiful Swiss alps, she intertwines love, sincerity, and the freshness of youth to present a captivating story for young and old alike. - Summary by Rosebud (6 hr 4 min)




Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

In Leuk


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

On the Pasture


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Unlooked-for Events


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

A Departure and an Arrival


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez



Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Higher Up the Mountain


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Still More Music


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Unexpected Happenings


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Surprises, But Not Only For Russli


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

Old Friends and New Life


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez

The Old Song Once More


Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez


Sweet Story of Trusting God with our Future

(5 Sterne)

Excellent narrator and very well read! A very sweet story by the author of Heidi. I love how the author always includes having faith and trust in God in her stories. A beautiful ending for everyone.


(4,5 Sterne)

this is a great story . th reader is fine . i wouldnt choose it above heidi tho . all her stories are great .

Just as good as Heidi!

(5 Sterne)

It's a shame that more of Ms. Spyri's novels haven't reached American children.

Quite Enjoyable

(5 Sterne)

This is an excellent story for children and adults. A good take away from the story: Even when things don't seem to be moving in the right direction, don't give up hope! Trust God. He always brings things about with perfect timing. The reader was easy to listen to.

Excellent story

(5 Sterne)

What a wonderful story! It should not be thought of as just a children's book; it is very appealing to adults too. The Christian element that pervades the story is a real blessing.

Sweet and Encouraging

(5 Sterne)

On par with "Heidi!"