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Rogue's Gallery - Two File Fixes

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Blondes Prefer Gentlemen & Snowbound Rogue's Gallery - Two File Fixes October 4, 1945 - May 9, 1946 These are the correct Rogue's Gallery episodes 'Blondes Prefer Gentlemen' and 'Snowbound' (the latter is also known as Ski Lodge, The Hermit Of The Hills, Mystery At The Ski Resort, or Target For Murder).  If you downloaded the OTRR Rogue's Gallery certified collection, Version 3.1 or Version 4, then what you may have are duplicate copies of Blood On The Sand and Anson Leeds Is Dead. To check if you have the correct files, here are the first lines of the body of the show for the two episodes on this page, as well as for the misnamed mp3 files: Blondes Prefer Gentlemen, correct file: "Rogue speaking.  Well, I've got a 'Man Bites Dog' title for my story tonight." Erroneous file (actually Blood On The Sand, not Blondes Prefer Gentlemen): "Rogue speaking.  Well I was suffering one of my regular attacks of rigor indolence last year, when I decided to commune with nature, in a gentle sort of way." Snowbound, correct file: "Rogue speaking.  Do you ever long for the bracing feel of the freezing wind on your face?" Erroneous file (actually Anson Leeds Is Dead, not Snowbound): "Rogue speaking.  Oh, first off, today being Thursday, and things being the way they are, I want to thank my Aunt Beulah for sending me those pork chops from Barlow, Kentucky." A text file of the first lines of each episode in the Rogue's Gallery collection can be found behind the TEXT link on this page. Little Drops of Rain: There is one other minor naming issue with the OTRR collection; it has to do with the file 'Rogue's Gallery 45-11-08 (018) Little Drops of Rain'.  Either the November 8th date is wrong, or the episode number is. If the November 8th date is correct, then this would be episode #021.  The episode that aired two weeks earlier, October 25th's 'Murder With Muriel', was episode 019, and the episode that aired the following week was November 15th's 'The House Of Fear', which was episode 022. If the episode #018 is correct, then the proper date for this episode would be October 18th.  Episode 017, 'Murder In Drawing Room A', aired on October 11th, and episode 019, 'Murder With Muriel', aired on October 25th. Which of these episode/date combinations is correct is open to debate, but it may be that the November 8th date was a typo, and the correct date was in fact October 18th, the natural location of episode #018.  Transposing a '1' and a '0' would have changed the file name from 45-1 0 - 1 8 to 45-1 1 - 0 8, resulting in the non-sequential Episode 018 / November 8th combination. On the other hand, one reliable independent internet source also lists the date as November 8th, while not giving an episode number.  Here's hoping that someone can weigh in with some more solid evidence as to the correct date and/or episode number. Links: To visit the OTRR's Rogue's Gallery page, click here . A list of Rogue's Gallery opening lines can be found behind the TEXT link on this page. Upper photograph of Dick Powell with Evelyn Keyes is from Johnny O'Clock (1947); lower photo of Powell and Micheline Cheirel is from Cornered (1945).  Full-size copies of both digitally restored photos can be found behind the JPEG link, courtesy of Doctor Macro . Text © 2019 W.H.Wilson

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Blondes Prefer Gentlemen


Snowbound aka Ski Lodge, The Hermit Of The Hills, Mystery At The Ski Resort, Ta…



old time detective story

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Takes you back to the 40s and 50s with the tough wisecracking private dick, the beautiful dames and a murder or two..

Dick Powel

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I really like the Dick Powel crime / noir movies , but on radio not.


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Now I will go read about Dick Powell