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Virgil's Georgics are the second of the three major poetic works ascribed to the poet. It was published probably around 29 BC and, as the name suggests, the subject of the poem is agriculture. Divided into four books, it is also the shortest of Virgil's main poetry, with only 2188 hexametric verses. The poem draws on a variety of prior sources and has influenced many later authors from antiquity to the present. - Summary by Leni (2 hr 51 min)


Book 1, Part 1:The Invocation; Spring Ploughing; Treatment of the Land; Irrigat…


Read by Lucy Kempton

Book 1, Part 2: Tools and Tasks; Ancient Maxims; Star-Lore; Appropriate Times f…


Read by Cavaet

Book 1, Part 3: Storms; The Worship Of Ceres; Weather Signs; The Portents At Ju…


Read by Shreya Sethi

Book 2, Part 1: Methods of Propagation; The Labour Required; Treatment Of Indiv…


Read by KevinB

Book 2, Part 2: The Nature of Various Soils; The Recognition of Soil Types; Pla…


Read by Lucy Kempton

Book 2, Part 3: Care of The Vineyard; A Wealth of Trees And Plants; The Joys Of…


Read by Lucy Kempton

Book 3, Part 1: Introduction; Breeding Stock


Read by Cavaet

Book 3, Part 2: Care of the Sire and Dam; Care of Calves and Foals; The Dangers…


Read by Cavaet

Book 3, Part 3: The Care of Sheep and Goats; The Herdsmen of Africa and Scythia…


Read by Cavaet

Book 3, Part 4: The Treatment of Diseases; The Plague


Read by Cavaet

Book 4, Part 1: Introduction; Location and Maintenance of the Apiary; The Fight…


Read by Phil Schempf

Book 4, Part 2: The Nature and Qualities of Bees; Gathering The Honey; Disease …


Read by Phil Schempf

Book 4, Part 3: Aristaeus And His Mother Cyrene; The Capture of Proteus


Read by Phil Schempf

Book 4, Part 4: Orpheus and Eurydice; Aristaeus Sacrifices to Orpheus; Virgil’s…


Read by Phil Schempf