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The Call of the Wild (Version 5)

Gelesen von Jeff Clark

(4,929 Sterne; 7 Bewertungen)

Buck, a magnificent mix of St. Bernard and Scotch shepherd dog, rules contentedly at Judge Miller’s place in California’s Santa Clara Valley. But 1897 brings the Klondike Gold Rush, and Buck is the perfect kind of dog to service sleds—so he is stolen and spirited away to the Northland. There he learns a hard life at the hands of tough men and competing sled dogs, which sharpen his instincts and survival skills. Thousands of miles of grueling sled travel and toil nearly wear Buck out, until chance in the form of John Thornton saves him. This “ideal master” proves the only man worthy of Buck’s unconditional love. Despite his newfound companionship, however, the growing lure of Buck’s primitive ancestral heritage, the “song of a younger world” awakened by the wild harsh beauty of his environment, vies for that love. Only chance once again resolves the tension between love and nature… and allows Buck to fulfill his glorious, bittersweet destiny.

A personal note from the reader: I think that my characterization of this book follows the way I found myself reading it. For best listening experience, use headphones. (Not earbuds, unless they are of high quality!) - Summary by Jeff Clark (3 hr 39 min)


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