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The Tale of Three Lions

Gelesen von Kristine Bekere

(3,868 Sterne; 91 Bewertungen)

Taking place in the heart of Africa, “The Tale of Three Lions” is one more thrilling adventure from the eventful life of old hunter Quatermain, the famous hero of “King Solomons Mines”. This time, though there are no bloodthirsty people for the old hunter to deal with, the dangers are no less. He has to face the mighty and fierce King of Animals – the Lion. (Summary by Kristine Bekere)

(1 hr 13 min)


1 - The interest on ten shillings


Read by Kristine Bekere

2 - What was found in the pool


Read by Kristine Bekere

3 - Jim-Jim is avenged


Read by Kristine Bekere


(5 Sterne)

Another good Haggard read, wish it had been longer... As for the reader I thoroughly enjoyed her accent which gave an exotic air to the story that fit perfectly with it. Perhaps her critics lack the sophistication and experience to frely understand an unfamiliar accent. I hope their vicious commentary doesn't deter this reader from volunteering.

Good short story

(3,5 Sterne)

The reader's accent though charming made it very difficult to understand her, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

Quick but good

(5 Sterne)

Or rather graphic tale but good well written I did speed up the reader but it Was well done

Haggard Fan

(3 Sterne)

nice short story, wish it was longer however. Only complaint was the reader... she should be drawn and quartered for her abominable work. if you can't speak properly, dont volunteer!

The Tale of Three Lions

(4 Sterne)

Another good tale from deepest, darkest Africa. At 3 chapters a bit short but still full of what to expect from our hunter AQ.


(4,5 Sterne)

Than you Kristine Bekere for reading this book!! I just love the way you read it!! Sorry for those who don't appreciate it

The Tale of Three Lions

(3,5 Sterne)

It was an ok read,, but I much prefer a longer book. I'm also a big cat lover.

(2 Sterne)

Another example of a terrible ESL Reader trying to get experience at the cost of production value.