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Shakespeare Monologues Collection vol. 05

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

LibriVox readers present the fifth collection of monologues from Shakespeare’s plays. Containing 20 parts.

William Shakespeare (April 26, 1564 – April 23, 1616) remains widely to be considered the single greatest playwright of all time. He wrote in such a variety of genres - tragedy, comedy, romance, &c; - that there is always at least one monologue in each of his plays. Some of these teach a lesson, some simply characterize Shakespeare at his best, some are funny, some sad, but all are very moving. Each monologue will touch everybody differently. Some people will be so moved by a particular monologue that they will want to record it. (summary by Shurtagal) (0 hr 45 min)


Richard II - Methinks I Am A Prophet (Act 2, Scene 1)


Read by A.K.Farrar

Henry VI, Part 3 - Enforced thee? (Act 1, Scene 1)


Read by Elizabeth Klett

Henry VI, Part 3 - Brave Warriors (Act 1, Scene 4)


Read by Elizabeth Klett

Hamlet -Speak the Speech, I Pray You (Act 3, Scene 2)


Read by BLRossow

Troilus and Cressida - Prologue


Read by Charlene V. Smith

Romeo and Juliet - Thou Knows the Mask of Night is on My Face - (Act 2, Scene 2)


Read by Caitlin Teresa

A Midsummer Night\'s Dream - Oh Spite! Oh Hell! I See You all Are Bent (Act 3, …


Read by Victoria Clarke

Richard III - Now is the Winter of Our Discontent (Act 1, Scene 1)


Read by Vin Reilly

A Midsummer Night's Dream - I Know A Bank (Act 2, Scene 1)


Read by Shurtagal

Romeo and Juliet - Farewell, God Knows When We Meet Again - (Act 4, Scene 3)


Read by Caitlin Teresa

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Over hill over dale, through bush, through brier (A…


Read by Caitlin Teresa

Hamlet – O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else? (Act 1, Scene 5)


Read by Caitlin Teresa

Macbeth - Hecate Monologue (Act 3, Scene 5)


Read by Rhonda Federman

A Midsummer Night's Dream - My Mistress with a Monster is in Love (Act 3, Scen…


Read by Rhonda Federman

Julius Caesar - Caesar, I Never Stood on Ceremonies (Act 2, Scene 2)


Read by Rhonda Federman

Romeo and Juliet – Rebellious Subjects, Enemies to Peace (Act 1, Scene 1)


Read by Nathan Pilling

Comedy of Errors - Adriana's Speech to Antipholus (Act 2, Scene 2)


Read by Elizabeth Klett

Measure for Measure - Isabel's Soliloquy (Act 3, Scene 4)


Read by Elizabeth Klett

Julius Caesar - Portia's Speech to Brutus (Act 2, Scene 1)


Read by Elizabeth Klett

Much Ado About Nothing – Is he not approved in the height a villain (Act 4, Sce…


Read by Karen Savage