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OTR Weekend, Vol. IV

OTR Weekend, Vol. IV A selection of old-time radio from 1937 to 1974.  As this is Memorial Day weekend, several episodes are from the eras of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  Broadway legends include Agnes Moorehead on CBS Radio  Mystery  Theater and an episode of Inner Sanctum , Helen Hayes in The Glass Menagerie (opposite Montgomery Clift), and of course The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead, Rex Harrison, and Judy Holliday.  Herbert Marshall stars in Cavalcade of America , and Elliot Lewis in Suspense. Jack Benny - background noise (bgn) lowered, volume heightened Inner Sanctum - speed lowered from 45 to 33 1/3, so Agnes Moorehead recognizable again Suspense - minimal update, just the file name was wrong (not an Inner Sanctum ep) CBS Radio Mystery Theater - edited out first six minutes of Kansas City news and upped vol. The Shadow - lowered volume, removed bgn Mystery Theatre 1967 - lowered volume and bgn Theatre Guild 'The Glass Menagerie' - bgn lowered, speed slowed back to 33 1/3 Cavalcade of America - bgn lowered  Fibber McGee - vol lowered and speed reduced to normal Command Performance - vol heightened and given more treble, and bgn lowered The Big Show - bgn and volume lowered Adventures of Philip Marlowe - bgn, speed, and vol lowered Have Gun Will Travel - bgn and squink (defect in file) removed, volume readjusted Gabriel Heater: 1 Year After Pearl Harbor  - bgn and vol lowered The rest of this series:

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



490528 The Ebony Link.mp3


Judy Holliday, Carmen Miranda


740106, The Old Ones Are Hard To Kill


CALV 440626 389 What Price Freedom


Barbara Stanwyck, Dick Haymes


Scrap Drive


HGWT 1959-01-11 #008 Englishman (British Courage) (9th Earl of Aylsbury)


The Murder Prophet


JB 1943-04-25 Rochester's Horse is in the Kentucky Derby


Kitchen Table


One Year after Pearl Harbor


Concerto for A Killer, starring Elliot Lewis


37-10-17 Murder By The


The Glass Menagerie