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James Joyce A Tale Of Two Cities

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It’s worth remembering that  Ulysses , the most famous literary evocation of Dublin city, was written by a man living many miles away from home. James Joyce’s relationship with Dublin - and   Ireland   - was complex. After 1909, he never lived in Dublin, and after 1912 he never set foot in Ireland again, despite living until 1941. When Joyce left Trieste for the final time in July 1920, nearly 16 years after first arriving in the Adriatic city in October, 1904, he was not only leaving the place where he had written or seen published all of his early works –  Chamber Music, Dubliners, Portrait, Exiles  and  Giacomo Joyce , and where he had begun and written significant episodes of  Ulysses , a novel which had already begun to change the course of modern literature even before its publication in 1922 – he was also leaving the city where, at 38 years of age, he had spent most of his adult life. CBC RADIO iDEAS

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