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Ray Bradbury - The Veldt - 2007

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Adapted from the stage play by Mike Walker. A nursery that comes alive for the viewer.  A futuristic cautionary tale about the perils of smart technology, where danger prowls in the nursery... A playroom with special powers draws two children into secret deadly adventures. TV Announcer....David Rapkin Peter....Michael Wachter Wendy....Reyna Shaskan Lydia....Jennifer Van Dyck George....David Slavin Ms Kim....Nancy Wu The Room....John Henry Cox David MacLean....Richmond Hoxie Directed by Judith Kampfner First broadcast: Tue 22nd May 2007, 14:15 on BBC Radio 4 FM The story was first published separately in the September 23, 1950 edition of the saturday Evening Post under the title “The World the Children Made.” George and Lydia were wonderful parents; they had spared no expense in providing their children with what they needed. This short story provides a remarkable preview of today's big screen tv, media-drenched household. But what about those things that children need from parents that money can't buy?

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


The Veldt




(5 Sterne)

Hits way too close to home now. At first it seemed like a version of Jumanji, but as the AI became more 'adaptable' it brought up current concerns. Other touches that rang too true were the home being run by voice-activated AI, the huge riots with police, the boy's obsession with violent video games, the daughter's anorexia, kids confined to home, and foreign powers running our biggest corporations. This could have been written in 2022 instead of 1950!

(5 Sterne)

This could easily be playing out today. Scary they feared AI this much yet it's here. Before it's out there's already problems g need rules. Great story & it's enhanced by all the voices. It's more of a play but I really liked it! ty