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George Bernard Shaw Caesar And Cleopatra

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The Monday Play: Caesar and Cleopatra Mon 21st Apr 1975, 19:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM   With Alan Badel as Caesar and Sarah Badel as Cleopatra Bernard Shaw's famous 'history' takes a typically Shavian view of these two famous characters. The God Ra: David March Ftatateeta: Beatrix Lehmann Pothinus: Peter Woodthorpe Rufio: Hector Ross Britannus: Nigel Lambert Apollodorus: Sandor Eles Theodotus: Alan Dudley Ptolemy: Judy Bennett Achillas: Paul Gaymon Lucius Septimus: Alan Rowe Centurion: Anthony Smee lras: Emily Richard Charmian: Eva Haddon Majordomo: Peter Whitman Music composed and conducted by: Terence Allbright (Harp): Skaila Kanga (Trombone): Alan Tomlinson (Trumpet): Michael Laird (Trumpet): Peter Reeve (Percussion): John Royston Mitchell Technical Assistance: Peter Novis, Janet Mitchell And Enyd Clowes Producer: Ian Cotterell

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Caesar and Cleopatra (BBC)