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Roald Dahl Boy

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Roald Dahl: Boy Patrick Malahide provides the voice of Dahl in a colourful adaptation by Lucy Catherine. A full dramatisation of tales from his own childhood. Sometimes magical, sometimes grotesque but always true, Dahl's boyhood stories are as remarkable as the acclaimed fiction he would go on to write as an adult. "An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life. It is usually full of all sorts of boring details. This is not an autobiography.” The story of Roald Dahl's childhood is filled with excitement and wonder but also terror and great sadness. We learn of his experiences at cruel boarding schools, his daring Great Mouse Plot, the dangers of Boazers, the pleasure/pain of the local sweetshop and his time as a chocolate taster. Just some of the marvellous, extraordinary events that no doubt went on to inspire his best-selling books. Young Dahl…..Tarkan Uzun Teenage Dahl…..Isaac Rouse Mother…..Joanna van Kampen Bressington…..Daniel Noel Thwaites…..Devon Ruckley Matron…..Adie Allen Dr Dunbar…..Richard Nichols Mrs Pratchett…..Elizabeth Bennett Corkers…..Jason Barnett Carleton…..Tom Forrister Williamson…..Sam Rix Ellen…..Kirsty Oswald Captain Hardcastle…..Nick Underwood Mr Cadbury…..James Lailey Grandfather…..Sean Baker Director: Helen Perry A BBC Cymru/Wales production for BBC Radio 4   First broadcast:  Sat 2nd Jul 2016 14:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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Great book 📚

(5 Sterne)

Possibly the most interesting thing on LibriVox. I have listened to it about 4 times

Oh, Boy!

(5 Sterne)

I'm 33 now but I look back on reading Roald Dahl when I was a young boy. When I look back at it I am Dahl receiving a box from Cadbury, full of wonder and intrigue. one of my favorite childhood books was the Phantom toll booth and it was actually that I was looking for on LibriVox. he will always be a source of imagination and inspiration for young children and adults alike. I would recommend this book and I would highly recommend Roald Dahl in general as an author. Darrel


(5 Sterne)

Always enjoyed his works and much of them are evidently inspired by his own life experience. Would love it if it carried on further into his adult life and work with Shell. It is astonishing that anyone survived those awful schools! While I'm all for an amount of proper discipline there is a definite line that was always crossed in those days. Dahl had a most wonderful mother and relationship with her. That clearly made a large difference in who he became as an adult. As a mother now myself, I cannot fathom sending my child away for school. It would break my heart to be this removed from her daily life for years at a time... some it seems entirely raised by boarding schools back then. At least Dahl could go home for a bit more easily if needed. Such times!

(5 Sterne)

I love that lots of detail on the mothers and father and when the father broke his arm and the doctor tried to fix it and when he put the rat in the sweet jerk it was very exciting when the sweet shop worker came to the school and also I loved the way that all of the schools he went there was lots and lots of options at the end and when the sister crashed the thought it was fast but if they were in these days they would be in shock

very good title

(5 Sterne)

Absolutely incredible amazed not shocked from being amazed because I always am from roald dahl love this audio book and would 100% listen to it again!

Worth your while!!!!!!!!

(5 Sterne)

What a fantastic story. One of the best I’ve heard in a long time. The voice work is fantastic. Sincerely highly recommended.

The BFG kid!

(5 Sterne)

Thank you reader..Roald Dahl, spy, writer, and possibly key to understanding childhood!


(5 Sterne)

Well read by different people /voices. Enjoyed the story very much.