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The Mystery Of Agatha Christie [1984]

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The Mystery of Agatha Christie [1984] Now that Dr Janet Morgan's authorised biography is published, the puzzle of how and why a reserved, dignified upper-middle-class lady became "the undisputed queen of crime" is more or less solved.   But the enigma of Agatha Christie's life and personality will continue to be as fascinating as her own ingenious murders. Frances Donnelly follows the clues, with the aid of Dr Janet Morgan, Harry Keating, Christianna Brand and others. BBC Bristol Producer: Pamela Howe OTX Sat 27th Oct 1984 15:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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Well presented, but meh... I suppose they had to give it a catchy title, or no one would listen. The "mystery" seems to be how a quiet, nondescript woman could write such attention grabbing stories. This probably could apply to a lot of writers. I don't expect them to be like someone in their own tales. I enjoy Agatha Christie's writing, but the writer herself is just a normal person, with ups and downs in life like all of us.

A must for Christie fans..

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Interesting information about Agatha Christie.

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Wonderful series of interviews about Ms Christi’s works.