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The Causes Of The American Civil War

Gelesen von David Wales

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John Lothrop Motley (1814 – 1877) was an American author and popular diplomat, who helped to prevent European intervention on the side of the Confederates in the American Civil War. In 1861, just after the outbreak of the American Civil War, Motley wrote two letters to The Times defending the Federal position, and these letters, afterwards reprinted as [this] pamphlet entitled Causes of the Civil War in America, made a favourable impression on President Lincoln. Partly owing to this essay, Motley was appointed United States minister to the Austrian Empire in 1861, a position which he filled with distinction, working with other American diplomats such as John Bigelow and Charles Francis Adams to help prevent European intervention on the side of the Confederacy in the American Civil War. He resigned this position in 1867. Two years later, he was sent to represent his country as Ambassador to the United Kingdom. - Summary by David Wales (1 hr 7 min)




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Read by David Wales


Great argument against secession.

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This book was written to put to rest the argument that President Lincoln did not have the right to engage in Civil War with the Southern Confederate States. The arguments are quite sound and frankly, hard to refute. Sober thinking is required concerning the points the writer makes before one condemns them.

or why the South couldn't secede, explained in letters.

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The letters were very effectively read and revealed the value of the Union.