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O May I Join the Choir Invisible! and Other Favorite Poems

Gelesen von Bruce Kachuk

These magical and timeless poems conceived by four of the world's master poets are crafted with the enchanting thoughts, superb imagery and reflective enlightenment of five deftly chosen life scenarios. The skilled hands of these poetic wordsmiths take us on a journey of yearning, hope, grief and wonder then leave us immersed in the joy of nature's simple blessings.

These poems, these words - extraordinary words that add color to this our mosaic of life - beseech us to explore life's enigma, discover life's secrets and perhaps one day approach an understanding, facilitated perhaps by dreaming of becoming a blissful member of Eliot's "Choir Invisible", or learning just "half the gladness" of the "blithe spirit" possessed by Shelley's "Skylark."

These are five outstanding poems - just five - but five poems universally recognized for their superb ability to portray a unique interpretation of life and via that interpretation to just possibly illuminate a path down which await the seeds of wisdom.

- Summary by Bruce Kachuk
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O May I Join the Choir Invisible!


Read by Bruce Kachuk

How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix


Read by Bruce Kachuk

Mother and Poet


Read by Bruce Kachuk

Nature's Lady


Read by Bruce Kachuk

To a Skylark


Read by Bruce Kachuk