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A Breviate of the Life of Margaret Baxter

Gelesen von InTheDesert

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A breviate of the life of Margaret, the daughter of Francis Charlton, of apply in Shropshire, esq. and wife of Richard Baxter. For the use of all, but especially of their kindred. There is also published the character of her mother, truly described in her published funeral sermon, reprinted at her daughter’s request, called, the last work of a believer, his passing-prayer, recommending his departing spirit to Christ, to be received by him.

"Being thus obliged by her request, mine own affections urged me to premise this Breviate of her own life: Written, I confess, under the power of melting grief, and therefore perhaps with the less prudent judgment; but not with the less, but the more truth: For passionate weakness poureth out all, which greater prudence may conceal. Conscionable men’s histories are true; but if they be also wise, they tell us but some part of truth, concealing that which would do harm, and which the depraved world cannot bear without abusing it: But we that are less wise, tell all the truth, too little regarding how men will receive it. And hence comes all history, which hath not evidence equal to natural, to be of less credit than most men think; while bad men lie, and good men leave out so much of the truth, as makes the rest to be as another thing than altogether it would appear." - Summary from the title page and text (2 hr 36 min)


Her Parentage, and the occasion of our acquaintance


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Of her Conversion, Sickness, and Recovery


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The workings of her soul in and after this Sickness


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Some parcels of Counsel for her deliverance from this distressed Case, which I …


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Her temper, occasioning these troubles of mind


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Of our Marriage, and our Habitations


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Of her exceeding desires to do good


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Of her Mental Qualifications, and her Infirmities


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Of her Bodily Infirmities, and her Death


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Some Uses proposed to the Reader from this History, as the reasons why I wrote …


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