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Brain Twister

Gelesen von Catharine Eastman

(4,204 Sterne; 27 Bewertungen)

"Mark Phillips" is, or are, two writers: Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer. Their joint pen-name, derived from their middle names (Philip and Mark), was coined soon after their original meeting, at a science-fiction convention. Both men were drunk at the time, which explains a good deal, and only one has ever sobered up. A matter for constant contention between the collaborators is which one.

Originally published as That Sweet Little Old Lady, Brain Twister follows the adventures of FBI agent Kenneth J. Malone as he attempts to unravel the machinations of a telepathic spy. His first problem: how do you find a telepath to catch the first telepath?

The novella was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1960. (Summary from the text and Catharine Eastman)

(5 hr 18 min)




Read by Catharine Eastman

Chapter 1


Read by Catharine Eastman

Chapter 2


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Chapter 3


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Chapter 4


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Chapter 5


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Chapter 6


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Chapter 7


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Chapter 8


Read by Catharine Eastman


Brain Twister

(1 Sterne)

It never ceases to perplex me why a narrator tries to imitate a mans voice (if a woman) and the same goes for a male reader trying to imitate a female voice. Why not leave it to the listener to use their own imagination which is what a story is surely about. The narrator has a really pleasant voice until she tries to emulate a male voice, so couldn’t listen beyond the first couple of minutes, therefore unable to give a review of this story.

loved to book. the reader not so much

(1 Sterne)

The story is quite fun and very well written. The narrator’s voice travels from thin and reedy to grating and raspy - even within the same character. She should slow down until she learns not to force sounds into the microphone. For instance often, every T sounds like it’s pops out of the speaker.

Story ok

(4 Sterne)

Story wasn't strong and was at times confusing. Reader did a good job, except when when trying to imitate a male voice. If she just read the story with her expressions she would have been great.

fun Mystery

(5 Sterne)

I really enjoyed listening to this story