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Up from Slavery: An Autobiography

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Up From Slavery is the 1901 autobiography of Booker T. Washington detailing his slow and steady rise from a slave child during the Civil War, to the difficulties and obstacles he overcame to get an education at the new Hampton University, to his work establishing vocational schools—most notably the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama—to help black people and other disadvantaged minorities learn useful, marketable skills and work to pull themselves, as a race, up by the bootstraps. He reflects on the generosity of both teachers and philanthropists who helped in educating blacks and native Americans. He describes his efforts to instill manners, breeding, health and a feeling of dignity to students. (Summary from Wikipedia) (7 hr 58 min)




Read by Andy Yu

A Slave Among Slaves


Read by Andy Yu

Boyhood Days


Read by Tom Crawford

The Struggle For An Education


Read by Tom Crawford

Helping Others


Read by John W. Michaels

The Reconstruction Period


Read by Jay Vance

Black Race And Red Race


Read by Lorelle Anderson

Early Days At Tuskegee


Read by Katie Riley

Teaching School In A Stable And A Hen-House


Read by Jay Vance

Anxious Days And Sleepless Nights


Read by Jay Vance

A Harder Task Than Making Bricks Without Straw


Read by Ancient mariner

Making Their Beds Before They Could Lie On Them


Read by Crash

Raising Money


Read by mwalimu

Two Thousand Miles For A Five-Minute Speech


Read by Lorelle Anderson

The Atlanta Exposition Address


Read by Preston McConkie

The Secret Of Success In Public Speaking


Read by Anna Roberts



Read by Jim Clevenger

Last Words


Read by Fr. Richard Zeile of Detroit


Insightful autobiography

(5 Sterne)

I found the first person account of life in the South in the years immediately after the Civil War to be very engaging and challenging. The grinding poverty of the former slaves was appalling. I was particularly caught by Mr. Washington's emphasis on oral hygiene and daily baths. We take so much for granted in our day to day lives and don't realize that when the motivation is dehumanization, deprivations of this sort are amazingly effective. So of course, once freed, the former slaves must be taught the norms of civilized society. I sit back and wonder whether some of the views he expressed were influenced by political and social realities of his day, and his goal of advancing his race through the work of the Tuskegee institute. I know people much more knowledgeable than I have debated such questions. But on a very personal and human level, you can't help but admire and respect what Mr. Washington did to improve his own life, and those of the people around him of all races. This is a Librivox group recording. It was a bit odd hearing the first two chapters of this book in particular read with a Chinese accent, but all of the readings were clear and very well done.


(5 Sterne)

A classic. A great primary source for anyone interested in American history.

up for slavery

(5 Sterne)

it really explains the everday events that slaves went through

This is an amazing book

(5 Sterne)

This is a great book he says a lot of things that get to me. I love this book very much! He is an amazing writer. I love the way he explains things. This book reminds me that life can be ruff and hard but there is a ways another way. This isn't just a history book, it is a book about a great man who lived life and who made mistakes and had great accomplishments and we can learn through those mistakes to be better and we can also learn through those great accomplishments! that is what I thought about the book and thought that I should share it with the people who want to read this comment

The Great Awakening

(5 Sterne)

prior to listening to this book, Booker T Washington was only a historical figure recognized only by his picture and classified as a compromiser on the issue of slavery. However my perspective has changes andmu level of respect for this great human being has elevated. He handled the situation that life gave him and followed the impulse of his heart and God gave him a practicle solution to the "Negro" problem. Some of the readers more easily understood than others however the compilation of the readers addede the greatness of this work..

My life is better because of this book

(5 Sterne)

This is a story of humble heroism with which all Americans should become acquainted. Washington’s accomplishments are both personal (to see how far a former slave was able to make a happy life for himself) and professional (his accomplishments were tangible and meaningful), as well as his impact as a leader in improving the condition of an oppressed people. We in the 21st century would do well to embrace the same principles of labor, diligence, integrity, and humility that Washington emulates.

Amazing Book by one of America's greatest men

(5 Sterne)

Booker T. Washington was one of the greatest Americans that ever lived. His love of his country was a as endless as his love of his people and fellow Americans. This is an amazing story proving that no obstacle is too great to overcome in life and that improving society and the lives of people should be the goal of all of us; success is a by-product of this focus.

Even the title is laced with hope

(5 Sterne)

I am grateful for every word of this book that was written and I appreciate every word of it that was read. Mr.Washington endured incredible hardships, but his burning desire was to raise others up. He did not forget his humble beginnings and he held no grudges, because he was too busy making life better for those around him and for future generations. C.C P. S. I love this app