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The Red Badge of Courage; An Episode of the American Civil War

Gelesen von John W. Michaels

(4,471 Sterne; 119 Bewertungen)

There comes a time in the course of battle when a participant casts his fate to the gods of war, and carries on without question, the task at hand. Living, dying, right or wrong, can be contemplated later. The spirit of the bayonet takes over and carries the youth through the crucible of battle to emerge a short time later several ages older.

Stephen Crane's classic novel gives us a glimpse into the mind of a young soldier as he passes through the experience he will never be able to forget, and possibly awaken him from his slumber in a sweat and panic for years to come.

Narrated by Mike Vendetti, Purple Heart, November 1965 (Summary by Mike Vendetti). (4 hr 45 min)


01 - Chapter 1


Read by John W. Michaels

02 - Chapter 2


Read by John W. Michaels

03 - Chapter 3


Read by John W. Michaels

04 - Chapter 4


Read by John W. Michaels

05 - Chapter 5


Read by John W. Michaels

06 - Chapter 6


Read by John W. Michaels

07 - Chapter 7


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08 - Chapter 8


Read by John W. Michaels

09 - Chapter 9


Read by John W. Michaels

10 - Chapter 10


Read by John W. Michaels

11 - Chapter 11


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12 - Chapter 12


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13 - Chapter 13


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14 - Chapter 14


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15 - Chapter 15


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16 - Chapter 16


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17 - Chapter 17


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18 - Chapter 18


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19 - Chapter 19


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20 - Chapter 20


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21 - Chapter 21


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22 - Chapter 22


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23 - Chapter 23


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24 - Chapter 24


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(4 Sterne)

An interesting read for anyone interested In American literature. I think it was the first time a novelist tried to describe the main character's psychological evolution. Crane writes what he means to be a real portrait of a soldier out to test his manhood.. Crane was not in the Civil War, but he had seen war as a correspondant at a war between, I think, Greeks and Turks...and he was a young man himself, going through his own changes. The reader was excellent.

Great Reader, Uninteresting Read

(4 Sterne)

The reader was absolutely great, especially if this is a required read. I has to read it for my Challenge 1 curriculum, and this suited my needs well. However, the book itself has a long storyline dealing with the main characters morals. While some people may find this interesting, I for one, did not. I wouldn't recommend the book, but I would recommend the reader.

Pretty Good

(3,5 Sterne)

Very good book but very hard to get into. It took me a while. But I like it! Very well read by Vendetti!


(5 Sterne)

The book is a classic and Mike Vendetti does an EXCELLENT job of reading this solo project for Librivox. His rich bass is perfect for a battle story - I doubt if there is a better reading of this book available! Mike is a professional - thank you for giving your time away to make this project available in the public domain!

Gotta love Vendetti

(5 Sterne)

This is a bit of a monotonous read on its own. I passed my tests on this book because i listened to it. You can understand much better that way. And the only person to do it would be Vendetti (him or Tom Hiddleston). Awsome voice.

pretty good

(4 Sterne)

At first her scared me in who deep his voice got but then I got used to it and really like him. It is an interesting book best for teens and up. Very graphic.

(4 Sterne)

The readers voice fits well with the book. He talks very slow so I had to speed it up a little and it still sounded great. Not the best book but it's okay

Best Version

(5 Sterne)

Not only is this the best rendition, but Mike V did an excellent job. An account of the emotion and anxiety of war. Both battle and living through it.