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Under the Lilacs

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(4,755 Sterne; 147 Bewertungen)

When two young girls decide to have a tea party with their dolls and a mysterious dog comes and eats their prized cake, they end up finding a circus run-away, Ben Brown. Ben is a horse master, and loves horses, so when the Moss' take the young boy in, they decide to give him work at the neighbors house driving cows (on a horse, of course). After that a series of events happens, and Ben finds out his beloved father is dead. Miss Celia, a neighbor, feels sorry and comforts him, and finally offers to let Ben stay with her and her fourteen-year-old brother, Thornton who is called Thorny. After that many adventures and summer-happenings go on in Celia's house. Sancho gets lost, Ben is accused of stealing, Miss Celia even gets hurt and Ben takes a wild ride on his horse, and… The rest you'll know from reading the book.
Summary by Wikipedia, revised by Stav Nisser.

Book Coordinators: Stav Nisser and Diana Majlinger (7 hr 21 min)


A Mysterious Dog


Read by MaryAnn

Where They Found His Master


Read by MaryAnn



Read by MaryAnn

His Story


Read by MaryAnn

Ben Gets A Place


Read by MaryAnn

A Circulating Library


Read by Chelsea Baker

New Friends Trot In


Read by Chelsea Baker

Miss Celia's Man


Read by Elizabeth Klett

A Happy Tea


Read by Elizabeth Klett

A Heavy Trouble


Read by Xenutia



Read by Amy Benton

Good Times


Read by Amy Benton

Somebody Runs Away


Read by kiwafruit

Somebody Gets Lost


Read by Linda Ferguson

Ben's Ride


Read by MaryAnn

Detective Thornton


Read by MaryAnn

Betty's Bravery


Read by BookAngel7

Bows and Arrows


Read by BookAngel7

Speaking Pieces


Read by BookAngel7

Ben's Birthday


Read by MaryAnn

Cupid's Last Appearance


Read by MaryAnn

A Boy's Bargain


Read by MaryAnn

Somebody Comes


Read by MaryAnn

The Great Gate Is Opened


Read by MaryAnn



(5 Sterne)

Excellent story! No drowning of kittens or harming animals in this story like some other old stories you read about. Only one about a cat and mice. That's completely natural though. Such a heartwarming story. Teaches kids important lesson too. This Author is one of my all time favorites she is so kind and teaches kids in such a sweet and kind way. She is even so kind to animals.

great story

(4 Sterne)

I enjoyed the story and so did my girls. I do prefer 1 reader for the whole book, otherwise I would have given 5 stars. thankfully all the readers read clearly enough to understand, although 1 was not as clear. I would definitely recommend this book though.

(5 Sterne)

What a lovely story! Well read by a number of Readers, it ranks up there as one of my favorites by Louisa May Alcott. I have never read this story before, and found myself wanting to listen more than I had time for. Lovely story.

Great story for any age

(5 Sterne)

A story similar to many of Ms Alcott works. A bit more of a boy's adventure, but great female characters as well. well read.

One of my favrorites

(5 Sterne)

Amazing😀. A beautiful, light story. The readers are all pretty good and it is one of my favorite Louise May Alcott.😃

delightful read

(4,5 Sterne)

The book held true to Louisa May Alcott’s style and tune. The readers did a good job. All around it was very pleasant.

sweet light hearted story

(4 Sterne)

This is a very light happy little story with its own ups and downs in the life of Ben Brown

Under the Lilacs

(5 Sterne)

Great Srory of many major changes in a boys life done with love and tender respect.