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Conceptions of Divine Love

Gelesen von Ann Boulais

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Conceptions of Divine Love was written in 1577. St. Teresa wrote this with the idea of explaining certain words found in the Book of Canticles. When her confessor read the title of her work, he ordered her to immediately burn it, which, of course, she did. But one of her nuns had copied the first seven chapters, which was then published in 1612. Here, Father John Dalton has translated only four of those chapters in 1852. (Summary by Ann Boulais) (0 hr 59 min)




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Chapter I


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Chapter II


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Chapter III


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Chapter IV


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inspiring. The Love of God is more satisfying and offers more joy and peace than all the pleasures the world. It comes at a cost: that you love Him without reserve.

surprisingly relevant

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good reader. great content.